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ATR Performs Successful First Flight of Partially Configured ATR 42-600S STOL

ATR has completed their first successful flight of the partially configured A 42-600S ‘Short Take-Off and Landing’ (STOL) variant. The flight departed Francazal Airport today at 10:00 local time and lasted two hours and fifteen minutes.

ATR 42-600S STOL Variant - Courtesy ATR

On Wednesday (May 11, 2022), ATR announced the completion of the first successful test flight of the partially configured ATR 42-600S ‘Short Take-Off and Landing’ (STOL) variant, which departed Francazal Airport at 10:00 this morning local time. During the two hour and fifteen minute test flight, the crew performed a number of tests to measure the upgraded aircraft systems’ performance. Moving forward, new functionalities of the aircraft will be tested one at a time, starting with the Multifunctional Computer New Generation (MFC-NG), followed by the Autobrake, Ground Spoiler and increased takeoff rating systems.

ATR expects the aircraft to enter its final configuration by the end of 2022, with the addition of a new larger rudder, and the certification phase to begin in 2023. To date, ATR has received 20 commitments for the ATR 42-600S variant from airlines and aircraft lessors. Currently, there are over 500 airports worldwide with shorter runways between 2,625 feet to 3,281 feet (800 to 1,000 meters), which could welcome the STOL aircraft, thereby increasing regional connectivity.

Over their last 40+ years building efficient turboprop regional aircraft, ATR has reached major milestones including 1,800 aircraft orders and 1,600 deliveries. ATR sees strong potential for growth in regional aviation, including a replacement wave of over 900 turboprops in the 30-50 seat categories. The company’s turboprop aircraft represent the optimal and most sustainable choice for regional deployment at the lowest operating costs, and offer the ability to serve isolated communities living near challenging airfields. Over the last decade, ATR has held 75 percent of the turboprop market and 36 percent of the overall regional aircraft market.

Source: ATR


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