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WestJet Introduces ‘Extended Comfort’ Economy Seating Option

From April 10, 2024, WestJet customers booking an Economy fare onboard the carrier’s 737 and 787 aircraft will also be able to select ‘Extended Comfort’, the carriers most relaxing economy seat experience.

WestJet Boeing 737-8 MAX - Courtesy WestJet

On Thursday (April 4, 2024), WestJet announced the introduction of ‘Extended Comfort’, their most relaxing Economy Class seating option.  Starting April 10, 2024, customers booking an Economy fare (Basic, Econo, or EconoFlex) onboard WestJet’s Boeing 737 and 787 aircraft, can also select Extended Comfort, the carrier’s most relaxing economy seat.  The Extended Comfort experience includes seats with 3-6 inches more legroom, priority boarding (Zone 2), early access to overhead bin space, quicker exit on arrival, a distinct section at the front of the cabin, and a complimentary alcoholic beverage during inflight service.

In Thursday’s announcement, WestJet Group’s EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, John Weatherill, said,

“The addition of Extended Comfort reaffirms WestJet’s commitment to providing a diverse range of products to enable guests to choose what best aligns with their travel preferences and budget.  Conveniently located at the front of the economy cabin, guests will benefit from an enhanced experience that is aligned with WestJet’s values of affordability and accessibility.”

The new Extended Comfort option can be booked at anytime during the guest journey, either in advance, at the time of booking, at check-in, or post-purchase via WestJet Manage Trips or through the WestJet app.  The cost of Extended Comfort is based on several factors such as origin and destination, fare bundle purchased, date of travel and seat location.  From April 10th, Extended Comfort will replace WestJet’s current Economy Cabin Preferred seating product.  Any guest who previously purchased a Preferred seat for travel on or after April 10, 2024 will be treated to the new Extended Comfort product at no additional charge.



Source: WestJet


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