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SAS EuroBonus Members Depart for Mystery Destination

This morning, 180 lucky SAS EuroBonus members boarded a flight in Copenhagen headed to a mystery destination.  Seats on the flight, which departed at 09:25 and will return on April 8th, were sold exclusively to EuroBonus members using points only.

Excited Guest Prepares to Board SAS' Destination Unknown Mystery Flight in Copenhagen on Friday, April 5, 2024 - Courtesy SAS/Cision

On Friday (April 5, 2024), SAS announced the departure of their highly anticipated ‘Destination Unknown’ mystery flight.  At 09:25 this morning, 180 lucky EuroBonus members took to the skies from Copenhagen heading to a surprise destination, with the return scheduled for April 8th.  Tickets for the adventure were sold exclusively to EuroBonus loyalty program members using points only.  Additionally, SAS reserved six seats for a competition, which attracted over 20,000 entries.  When SAS announced the ‘Destination Unknown’ journey earlier this year, over 1,000 EuroBonus joined within minutes of hearing about it, with 6,070 members signing up before it closed.

In Friday’s announcement, SAS’ EVP & Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Verhagen, said,

“The launch of “Destination Unknown” underscores SAS’ commitment to innovation and customer-centric offerings in the post-pandemic era.  With “Destination Unknown” we're offering our members an opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery, forging new trends and setting a new travel standardThe big interest in this concept has inspired us to consider integrating it into future travel offerings, highlighting the importance of innovation in today’s travel landscape.  To many travelers it’s not just the destination, but also the journey that matters.”

As today’s mystery flight progresses, SAS invites travelers to join the conversation and follow the journey on social media using the hashtag #flysas.

SAS' Destination Unknown Mystery Flight Takes to the Skies on Friday, April 5, 2024 - Courtesy SAS/Cision

SAS is the leading airline in Scandinavia, with main hubs in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, and flying to destinations in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.  The company aims to be a driving force in sustainable aviation and in the transition towards net zero emissions by 2050.  SAS also offers ground handling services, technical maintenance and air cargo services.  Additionally, the carrier is a founding member of the Star Alliance, and together with partner airlines offers an extensive worldwide network.


Source: SAS/Cision 


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