• Joe Breitfeller

Iberia Expands Schedule to 55 Spanish and European Destinations for August 2020

Iberia announced on Friday an expansion of their August schedule with 55 Spanish and European destinations, including new service to Prague and Berlin. The carrier continues to operate a reduced schedule of regular long-haul, repatriation and cargo flights.

Iberia Airbus A319 - Courtesy Iberia

Today (August 7, 2020), Iberia announced that they will increase their August schedule to 55 domestic and European destinations. As part of the schedule, the carrier has added service to Prague and Berlin and will continue to operate a reduced schedule of long-haul flights to Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the U.S. During August, Iberia will operate approximately 27 percent of their planned pre-pandemic schedule, a nine percent increase from July, with added frequencies on routes to the Canary and Balearic Islands, Barcelona and other popular holiday destinations.

Iberia Expands August 2020 Schedule - Courtesy Iberia

Complementing the airline’s regular flights via Barcelona, the Group’s subsidiaries will offer cross flights to coastal destinations. For example, Iberia will operate routes such as Munich-Menorca, San Sebastián-Palma and San Sebastián-Málaga, while Iberia Express will operate flights from Asturias and Gran Canaria and Tenerife as well as service between Vigo and Tenerife. The Group’s regional Air Nostrum subsidiary will offer service from Nice to Malaga and Palma as well as direct connections to numerous peninsula destinations, the Canary Islands and the Balearics.

The Iberia Group is following all the recommendations of European and Spanish Safety Aviation Agencies (EASA and AESA) as well as the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), to facilitate a safe recovery of air transport. While booking tickets, guests will be required to complete a Health Declaration and for flights from outside Spain will have to complete a “Public Health Form to Locate Passengers” as well as a “Health Questionnaire.”

Where possible, Iberia suggests that guests download their boarding passes to a mobile device to limit contact at the airport. Passengers will now board flights from back to front and masks must be worn throughout flights for all guests over six years old. Enhanced aircraft cleaning protocols have been implemented including the spraying of Anti-COVID-19 products and all aircraft are equipped with HEPA filters that remove 99.99% of viruses and bacteria as the air is recirculated every 2-3 minutes. Onboard service has also been modified to minimize contact with a simplified meal service (utilizing single-use utensils), hygienically sealed blankets and pillows and removal of magazines. Additionally, crewmembers have been provided with PPE and have received health protocol training, including the procedures to follow in the event a passenger is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Source: Iberia