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easyJet to Digitize Onboard Aircraft Technical Logs

In order to cut down on paper use and weight, easyJet is digitizing their onboard technical logs.  The new e-logs will save over 300,000 sheets of paper from being printed and stored annually.

easyJet Airbus A319 - Courtesy easyJet

On Monday (June 24, 2024), easyJet announced they will digitize their onboard aircraft technical logs in an effort to reduce paper use and weight.  Annually, the new e-logs will save over 300,000 sheets of paper from being printed and stored.  The transition from paper to digital reporting will also increase efficiency for the carrier’s flight crew, cabin crew, and engineering teams.  easyJet’s new e-techlog system is from aviation technology company Ultramain Systems, and will be rolled out across the airline’s 346-strong Airbus A320 fleet by the end of 2025.

In Monday’s announcement, easyJet’s Chief Operating Officer, David Morgan, said,

“Rolling out Ultramain’s state-of-the-art technology across our fleet of aircraft will not only improve the reporting processes for our crew and engineering teams but will also see fewer delays on the ground, which will help further enhance the travel experience for our customers.  Our continued investment into innovative solutions like the e-techlog means we’ll not only find quicker solutions to defects but by cutting our paper use and the weight on the aircraft, we are also taking another small but important step to reduce our environmental impact too.”

Also commenting on the digital transition, Ultramain Systems’ President and CEO, Mark McCausland, said,

“We are thrilled to welcome easyJet as our newest ULTRAMAIN ELB partner and user.  By embracing a paperless process for their electronic technical and cabin logbook, easyJet has demonstrated a dedication to excellence and innovation.  Together, we are paving the way towards a more efficient future in aviation.  We are excited to support easyJet as they transition to a more efficient, paperless operation.”

Enhanced by real-time flight and cabin crew reports, the new e-techlog system will help reduce ground delays, and increase line maintenance productivity, enabling greater aircraft availability and ultimately, less disruption for passengers. Once the system is fully rolled out, the e-techlog will run through Ultramain’s software and will be installed on iPads accessible to easyJet team members on the ground and in the air.  This will allow both crew and engineers to raise and share maintenance issues in real-time on the ground, thereby giving engineers sufficient time to order new parts in advance. This will result in reduced ground delays and operational downtime.  Additionally, the transition from paper to digital leaves no room for errors or misinterpretation, as the software will enable engineers to identify the problem instantly, thanks to the interactive map feature included with the e-techlog.

Source: easyJet


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