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Condor Partners With AFG to Build Aviation Training Center in Dreieich

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

From the end of 2023, Condor will partner with Avenger Flight Group (AFG) for cockpit and cabin crew training. With the partnership, a new comprehensive Aviation Training Center is being opened in Dreieich.

Condor and AFG Launch Historic Training Partnership - Courtesy Condor

On Monday (June 12, 2023), Condor announced a new partnership with Avenger Flight Group (AFG) for the training and education activities of cockpit and cabin crew members. As a result of the partnership, a new comprehensive Aviation Training Center is being opened in Dreieich, Germany. Condor will provide cabin mockups, while AFG will provide state-of-the-art flight simulators manufactured by SIM International. Additionally, space will be available for theoretical training components nearby at the ‘Dreieich Plaza’ office area.

In Monday’s announcement, Condor’s Accountable manager, Christian Schmitt, said,

“We are delighted to have AFG as an experienced partner in the field of simulator training at our side. Thanks to the close cooperation at the Dreieich site, we can offer our cockpit staff excellent training conditions.”

Also commenting on the training collaboration, Avenger Flight Group’s Executive Vice President, Andrés Restrepo, said,

“We are very grateful to Condor for this valuable opportunity to collaborate on the establishment of the new Training Center in Dreieich. With AFG's extensive experience and expertise in flight simulation, we are honored to be Condor's trusted partner in this endeavor. The center, equipped with cutting-edge flight simulators from AFG and cabin mockups from Condor, will provide unparalleled training conditions for all crew members. We are excited to welcome crew members from all over the world to the new facility and are committed to delivering exceptional training experiences.”

Up to eight full flight simulators are available in the training center, including at least one for the Airbus A320ceo, A320neo, A330ceo and A330neo. Additionally, two new flight training devices (FTDs) will be located at the new site in the future. Currently, Condor conducts training and development in Kelsterbach and Neu-Isenburg, among other locations. With the new AFG partnership, Condor will centralize and simplify logistical training planning, while providing even more modern and efficient training for flight deck and cabin crew members.

Source: Condor


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