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Azul Reveals Dramatic Tropical Livery for One of Their New Embraer E195-E2 Aircraft

The carrier tapped São Paulo graffiti artist Luiz Pardal for the colorful livery which features three ararinhas (Spix’s macaws) on each side of the aircraft’s 41.5m fuselage. The native bird was thought to be extinct but was recently discovered in captivity.

Azul Embraer E195-E2 'Ararinha Azul' Featuring Colorful New Livery by São Paulo graffiti artist Luiz Pardal - Courtesy Embraer

On Friday (December 4, 2020), Embraer revealed a striking new livery for one of Azul’s new E195-E2s designed by São Paulo graffiti artist Luiz Pardal. The aircraft has been christened ‘Ararinha Azul’ and features three ararinhas (Spix’s macaws) on each side of the aircraft’s 41.5m fuselage. The ararinhas was thought to be extinct for over 20 years until several were recently found in captivity. The livery design is comprised of 58 non-corrosive paint colors, 28 of which were custom blended to capture the vibrant look of Brazil’s stunning tropical landscape.

The painting was completed over ten days at Embraer’s facility in São José dos Campos in Brazil. Although the artist’s design was completed by hand, the aircraft was masked and then 150 kilos of paint were applied using automated robots. To complete the project, Azul commissioned AzkoNobel and Tintas Coral, a Brazilian paint company and despite the complexity of the livery, the overall weight of the paint is similar to conventional liveries. An extremely durable paint was used in order to withstand forces which can cause cracking such as rain, cruise speed and air pressure changes as well as takeoffs and landings. Embraer reminds planespotters to look for Luiz Pardal’s signature sparrow mark at the back of the aircraft, as the surname “Pardal” means “sparrow” in English.

Embraer E195-E2 With Bespoke Livery by São Paulo Graffiti Artist Luiz Pardal - Courtesy Embraer

Source: Embraer


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