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Air France Reveals New Boeing 777-300 Cabin Refresh on Indian Ocean and Caribbean Routes

On Tuesday, Air France revealed their newly redesigned 777-300 cabin refresh which will be deployed on aircraft serving the Indian Ocean and Caribbean regions. During 2020, the airline will install the new cabins on the ten Boeing 777-300s in their fleet.

Air France Boeing 777 - Courtesy Boeing

Earlier this week, Air France unveiled their new Boeing 777-300 cabin makeover which will be installed on the airline’s ten B777-300s by the end of this year. Most of the retrofitted aircraft will be deployed on Indian Ocean and Caribbean routes. Air France has configured the aircraft to accommodate 472 guests in a three-class configuration with 14 Business, 28 Premium Economy, and 430 Economy Class seats. The cabin retrofit is part of the airline’s continuing initiative to “upmarket” their products and services. All cabins have been completely redesigned, offering customers enhanced comfort and a soft and warm environment in Air France colors.

The reconfigured aircraft departed for Pointe-á-Pitre and Forte and Forte de France Last Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. During the summer 2020 season, the aircraft will be deployed on the Saint-Denis de la Réunion route as well. France has invested €120M in the cabin upgrades and the refreshed B777-300s will be progressively deployed on additional routes to Mauritius, Havana, Santo Domingo and Punta Cana throughout the year.

Business Class Guests will enjoy comfort and serenity in seats that recline into a real bed nearly two meters long. The seats are also arranged in a 1/2/1 configuration, providing direct aisle access for each customer. A removable privacy divider is available between the center seats providing flexibility to guests traveling with a companion or alone. For guests requiring additional privacy, a “do not disturb” sign is available to be displayed vis the seat control. The seats have been designed to provide the deepest level of sleep with a soft foam seat, silky duvet and comfortable pillow. The elegant cocoon also features a storage compartment with mirror, noise reducing headphones, power and USB ports, an 18.5” IFE system and individually adjustable reading and mood lights.

The new Premium Economy cabin features new seats that are 48.8cm (19.2 inches) wide and offer a 130 degree recline inside of a fixed shell. The seats also offer lumbar support, additional legroom, softer seat foams and wider leather armrests along with adjustable foot, leg and headrests. Premium Economy guests are also treated to additional storage, an adjustable reading light plus power and USB ports. Each customer will also receive noise-cancelling headphones to enjoy their 13.3” HD IFE screen. Premium Economy guests also receive a “comfort kit” (which is renewed every six months), which includes a red feather pillow and blue blanket.

The comfort of Economy Class customers has also been carefully considered with new 43 cm (16.9”) wide seats that feature a 118 degree recline with ergonomic seat foam and an adjustable headrest. Additionally, they will enjoy the lasts-generation 11.6” HD IFE system with headphones and a USB port. The tray table is now larger providing ample space for eating or working comfortably. The Economy Class is also brightened up by red blankets and an assortment of five different cushions inspired by the Air France accent.

As expected, all Air France passengers departing Paris will enjoy a selection of fine wines and champagnes curated by the airline’s sommelier Paolo Basso, who was named “World’s Best Sommelier” in 2013. Business Class guests will be treated to a menu created by Andrée Rosier, A French Michelin-starred chef from the Basque region in Spain. Guests departing Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe), Forte-de-France (Martinique), Cayenne (French Guiana) and the Caribbean will delight in Creole-inspired dishes designed by the world-famous Chef, Marcel Ravin. Every month, three different culinary creations will be offered to Business and Premium Economy Class guests on long-haul flights. When departing Saint-Denis de las Réunion (Reunion Island), customers will enjoy a creole dish created for Air France by Chef Benoit Ventaux, which combines excellence in French cuisine with spices from Reunion Island.

Economy Class guests are also treated to a full menu, with a choice of two hot dishes as well as a second meal offered in a “Bon Appétit” bag with a tasty breakfast or snack to be enjoyed onboard or taken home. On departure from Paris, Air France guests can also choose to order off the À la Carte Menus as an optional fee-paying option. A variety of menus including the Fauchon Menu, Healthy Menu, My Fun Menu and Ocean Menu are available. Additionally, guests departing from Fort de France, Point-á-Pitre and Saint-Denis de la Réunion can choose from The Italia, Tradition and Ocean menus. As Air France continuously elevates their upmarket service, guests will be spoiled with thoughtful touches such as an oshibori (hot towel) upon boarding and a traditional French candy before they deplane.

Source: Air France


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