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AEGEAN Completes Rebranding by Revealing New Uniforms

AEGEAN has completed their ‘Neo-era’ rebranding with the unveiling of new uniforms, crafted in collaboration with the renowned brand, Zeus+Δione, under the creative direction of Marios Schwab.

AEGEAN Reveals 'NEO-era' Uniforms - Courtesy AEGEAN

On Monday (October 23, 2023), AEGEAN announced the completion of their Neo-era rebranding initiative by revealing new uniforms. The carrier’s new uniform program was created in collaboration with the renowned brand Zeus+Δione, under the creative direction of Marios Schwab. Drawing inspiration from the color palette of the Greek sky and sea, Zeus+Δione created a uniform collection that combines Greek heritage with AEGEAN’s NEO-era philosophy, which focuses on diversity and continuous passenger experience improvement. The collection offers a range of garments that form a multifaceted mosaic in the crew’s attire.

AEGEAN Presents Their New Uniform Collection, Created Collaboration With the Renowned Brand Zeus+Δione, Under the Creative Direction of Marios Schwab - Courtesy AEGEAN

As part of the collection’s modern and unique aesthetic, classic tailored silhouettes are accented with neck scarves, geometric asymmetries, and contrasting linear accents. Completing AEGEAN’s new look, a modern makeup by the Greek brand KORRES, a pioneer of natural cosmetics, is presented to highlight the natural beauty and uniqueness of each female crew member. Starting today (October 23, 2023), AEGEAN’s pilots, cabin crew and ground staff will begin welcoming guests in their new uniforms, completing the final step in the airline’s rebranded corporate identity.

Introducing AEGEAN's Neo-era Uniform Collection - Courtesy AEGEAN

Source: AEGEAN


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