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TAP Air Portugal Partners With Teleperformance for Enhanced Customer Care and Service

TAP Air Portugal has signed an agreement with Teleperformance, a leading global integrated services group, to make the carrier’s customer service more agile, efficient and fast.

TAP Air Portugal Airbus A321neo - Courtesy TAP Air Portugal

On Thursday (December 15, 2022), TAP Air Portugal announced that they have signed an agreement with Teleperformance, a leading global integrated digital services group, to enhance the customer service experience. Teleperformance will now be globally responsible for TAP’s customer service, including the help desk, contact center, the Miles&Go loyalty program, and social media support. Additionally, Teleperformance will operate TAP’s new travel agency support contact center, which will operate 24/7 from July 2023. The new contract supports TAP’s goal of becoming a service brand of excellence, with customer service that is more agile, efficient and fast.

Speaking on the new partnership in Thursday’s announcement, TAP Air Portugal’s CEO, Christine Ourmières-Widener, said,

“This contract represents an important investment by TAP in the quality of service we provide to our customers and is a decisive step towards increasing the satisfaction of those who rely on us for their travel, thus instrumental to the delivery of the strategy of TAP, aiming to build a sustainable profitable business by 2025, that is not possible without improving the service delivered to our customers.”

With TAP’s new investment in Teleperformance services, the company will ensure a consistent customer experience in all markets supported by 700 team members providing service in various languages, including Portuguese from Portugal, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, English and German. Over 90 percent of the customer service representatives will be based in Portugal and Brazil, with headquarters in Portugal.

Source: TAP Air Portugal


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