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Ryanair Cuts 250 Jobs in Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw Offices

Ryanair announced on Friday that they have reduced their workforce at its Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw offices by over 250, due to reduced demand associated with the Global COVID-19 Pandemic.

Ryanair Boeing 737 NG - Courtesy Ryanair

Today (May 15, 2020), Ryanair announced the cut of 250 jobs at their Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw offices. The headcount reduction was made through a combination of probation/fixed term contracts ending, resignations and redundancies. Although Europe’s largest LCC will open offices on June 1st, impacted employees will not be returning. During the period from April through June, Ryanair has/will operate less than one percent of their normal flight schedules. The company announced earlier this week that they will restore around 40 percent of their normal schedule from July 2020. In Friday’s announcement, Ryanair’s People Director, Darrell Hughes said,

“This is a very sad time for Ryanair, our crews and our people supporting operations from our Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw offices. While we expect to re-open our offices from 1 June next, we will not require the same number of support team members in a year when we will carry less than 100m passengers, against an original budget of 155m. Regrettably, we will now have a small number of compulsory redundancies in Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw to right size our support teams for a year when we will carry less than 100m passengers due to the Covid-19 crisis. These job losses were communicated to individual team members this week, and they will not be returning to work in our Dublin, Stansted, Madrid and Wroclaw offices when they reopen on 1 June next. We are continuing to meet our pilot and cabin crew unions across Europe to finalize up to 3,000 job cuts and 20% pay cuts as we return to approximately 40% of our normal schedules from July onwards. Ryanair is also facing intense price competition across Europe as we are forced to compete with flag carrier airlines who have received over €30bn in unlawful State Aid subsidies from their Governments, and who will be able to engage in below cost selling for many years with the benefit of this illegal State Aid.”

Source: Ryanair


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