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PKFARE Updates Post Ticketing Automation API, Expediting the Airline Ticket Refund Process

PKFARE has today announced an upgrade to their post-ticketing automation API, empowering airlines and other partners to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance user satisfaction.

PKFARE Streamlines User Experience With Upgraded Post-Ticketing Automation API - Courtesy PKFARE/Reality PR

On Monday (January 29, 2024), travel industry tech company PKFARE announced a significant enhancement of their post-ticketing automation API, enabling automatic verification and pricing for refund requests, and automatic verification for ticket change requests.  The advanced API now covers nearly 300 airlines, with over 70 percent of refund requests from a single customer being automatically verified, with the proportion exceeding 50 percent on the booking portal.  The upgrade will allow travel partners to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance user satisfaction.

The automated online interaction reduces the need for manual intervention, enhances pricing accuracy and reduces labor costs.  Since the average manual time to analyze airline refund rules and calculating pricing schemes is 6-10 minutes, as an example, with 100 refund requests daily, PKFARE’s ticketing automation API can help customers save 600-1000 minutes daily, the equivalent of the efforts of 1-2 specialized personnel.  Additionally, the automated rule interpretation reduces training expenses, typically taking 2-3 months, required for a professional and capable post-ticketing operations team member.  Finally, PKFARE’s updated post-ticketing automation API reduces the average processing time for each request by eight hours, significantly improving the user experience.

Currently, the majority of B2B ticketing platforms lack automated post-processing.  Existing solutions include automatic refund/change tools from various Global Distribution Systems (GDS), such as Auto Ticket Change, and some SaaS providers offering airline-specific automatic refund/change solutions.  However, these solutions, which only cover a limited number of carriers, are limited in their ability to connect the entire process seamlessly from 'Passenger to Online Ticket Agency, to Ticket Content Aggregator, to Airline.'


Post-ticketing automation faces numerous challenges such as a diverse range of rules for ticket refunds across various ticket sources and different scenarios, along with inaccurate and/or confusing rules, which make it difficult for machines to interpret.  PKFARE’s post-ticketing automation API addresses these issues by covering more airlines and business scenarios and ensuring a higher accuracy in interpreting customer rules.  In addition to integrating existing structured rules from GDS, PKFARE supplements the system by building its own rule database, helping to fill in gaps in current rules, and correcting inaccurate GDS descriptions.  PKFARE also structures text rules and uses OpenAI for rule interpretation, which is coupled with a correction process for continuous optimization.  At this time, PKFARE’s rule interpretation accuracy has exceeded 90 percent.   

PKFARE is a leader in the sourcing, aggregation and delivery of airline ticket and hotel accommodations, tailored to meet the needs of B2B clients.  The company’s technology is seamlessly integrated with Global Distribution Systems, airlines, hotels and travel suppliers worldwide, allowing access to real-time global inventory and pricing.  PKFARE offers live inventories covering 600+ airlines and over 650,000 hotel properties across more than 100 countries and regions.  Currently, PKFARE serves 2,000+ clients worldwide. 



Source: PKFARE/Reality PR


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