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Korean Air Introduces New Onboard Safety Video Featuring Virtual Humans

Korean Air has released a new safety video featuring a virtual cabin crew member providing safety instructions within a virtual setting.  The carrier believes the video will reach their diverse customer base, while increasing viewers’ engagement levels.

Korean Air's New Safety Video Features Virtual Influencer Rina as an Honorary Cabin Crew Member - Courtesy Korean Air

On Thursday (January 4, 2024), Korean Air released a new onboard safety video featuring virtual humans.  In the video, a virtual honorary Korean Air flight attendant gives safety instructions within a virtual environment.  The carrier hopes the video will reach their diverse customer base across all ages and cultural backgrounds, thereby increasing viewers’ engagement levels.  This marks the first time Korean Air has created a safety video with virtual humans, including Rina, the virtual cabin crew member, and MAVE, a girl group of four.  The video is a collaboration with Netmarble F&C’s Metaverse Entertainment.

In Thursday’s announcement, a Korean Air representative said,

“This will become a great example of the synergy created between the aviation industry and digital technology.  We intend to change perceptions of inflight safety videos with these new ideas, and make them more relatable and engaging for passengers.”

Korean Air began playing the new safety video across all flights on Thursday, January 4, 2024.  The video is the carrier’s latest effort to remind customers of the importance of onboard safety, while simultaneously delivering a new customer experience. 

Korean Air's New Onboard Safety Video Featuring Virtual Humans - Courtesy Korean Air

Rina is a virtual human created by Netmarble F&C’s Metaverse Entertainment, who debuted in January 2022.  The character was created with state-of-the-art 4D technology, using facial expressions and movements by extracting subtle facial movement data.  Rina has been working as a ‘virtual influencer’ and has also appeared in famous brand advertisements.  MAVE is a virtual girl group that debuted in January 2023 with their first album, ‘Pandora’s Box.’  Their debut song ‘Pandora’ has received 45 million streams on Spotify and 30 million music video views.  Members of the virtual band include main vocalist Siu, lead vocalist Zena, main rapper and dancer Tyra, and dancer and rapper Marty.


Source: Korean Air    


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