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Japan Airlines Launches Trial of ‘Any Wear, Anywhere’ Clothing Sharing Service

Japan Airlines will launch a trial of an innovative sustainability concept called ‘Any Wear, Anywhere’, which is a clothing rental/share service for foreign tourists and business travelers to Japan.

Japan Airlines Launches Trial for 'Any Wear, Anywhere', a Clothing Rental/Share Service for Overseas Visitors - Courtesy Japan Airlines

On Wednesday (July 5, 2023), Japan Airlines announced the launch of a trial of there new ‘Any Wear, Anywhere’ clothing rental/share service designed to reduce aircraft baggage weight, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The service is designed for inbound tourists and travelers to Japan who use JAL-operated flights, and will measure the environmental value of using the service. The trial period is scheduled to run from July 5, 2023 through August 31, 2024.

To use the service, customers should visit the ‘Any Wear Anywhere’ website by clicking here. Next, they go to the Reservation page and collect the clothing set that best suits the season and purpose of the visit to Japan. Once the clothing has been selected, customers enter their JAL flight booking number, the pickup and return dates, and information about where they wish to pick up the clothing set, and make a payment. Reservations must be made at least one month in advance and the return date should generally be within two weeks of pickup. Customers can then board their JAL flight with less baggage and pickup and return the reserved clothing set at their hotel.

Japan Airlines 'Any Wear, Anywhere' Infographic - Courtesy Japan Airlines

The trial will be operated in partnership with WEFABRIK Inc. and Hakuyosha. WEFRABRIK was founded by former textile trader employee Mr. Fukuya, who wanted to make fashion more enjoyable and sustainable by confronting the massive waste that is causing environmental problems worldwide. With the goal of eliminating the ‘fashion loss’ problem, in which 20 billion garments are discarded each year, the company operates an online apparel matching program called ‘SMASELL.’ For the ‘Any Wear, Anywhere’ trial, WEFABRIK will procure the clothing available for rental. Founded in 1906, Hakuyosha will be responsible for the laundering and cleaning the rental garments. In 2018 the company won the ‘Sustainability Grand Prize’ at the Global Best Practices Awards held in Milan, Italy for their commitment to providing high-quality services while also considering the environment.

Source: Japan Airlines


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