• Joe Breitfeller

Finnair Cuts Capacity by 90 Percent, Maintains Critical Domestic Connections in Finland

Finnair announced on Monday that they will cut capacity by 90 percent from April 1, 2020, while maintaining critical domestic air connections in Finland. From April 1st, the carrier will operate only around 20 routes, maintaining critical air and cargo connections.

Finnair Cuts Capacity by 90 Percent, Maintains Vital Connectivity in Finland - Source Finnair

Today, Finnair announced that they will cut capacity by 90% from April 1, 2020, while maintaining around 20 critical domestic routes to ensure vital air and cargo connections within Finland. The carrier will begin transitioning to a limited network immediately by cancelling 1,500-2,000 flights between March 16th and March 31, 2020. Speaking on the unprecedented situation and rapid decline in demand due to travel restrictions resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic, Finnair’s CEO, Topi Manner said,

“The coronavirus epidemic has decreased travel dramatically, but we want to maintain the most critical air connections for Finland also exceptional situation. We continue to follow the situation closely, adding routes and frequencies to the traffic program as demand returns. We hope to be able to return to normal operations as soon as the coronavirus situation alleviates. We are extremely sorry about the disruption and uncertainty the situation is causing to our customers and their travel plans. In this situation, the capacity cuts are unavoidable – we cannot fly customers in a situation where we may not be able to fly them back home.”

From April 1, 2020, Finnair will continue to operate service on certain routes with limited frequencies, subject to additional travel restrictions. All other routes have been cancelled until further notice. Routes which will continue to operate are listed below.

Finnair's Temporary Limited Schedule From April 1, 2020 - Courtesy Finnair

Specializing in passenger and cargo traffic between Asia and Europe, Finnair has a competitive advantage due to their geographical location. Finnair is also the only Nordic network with a 4-Star Skytrax rating and carried over 14.7 million passengers in 2019, earning revenues of €3.1 billion.

Source: Finnair

Editor's Note: We stand by the entire Finnair team and all airlines during this difficult period as the entire world fights to limit the transmission of, and ultimately recover from, the global COVID-19 pandemic. Once it has been defeated, we look forward to the emergence of an even stronger and more robust global commercial airline industry.