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Emirates Crosses Milestone With Over 20,000 Cabin Crew Members

Emirates has surpassed a major milestone, as their cabin crew roster is now over 20,000 strong and growing. Since 2022, the carrier has hosted recruitment events in 340 cities across six countries, reflecting the diversity of their cabin crew and global network.

Emirates' Cabin Crew Numbers Cross 20,000 and Counting - Courtesy Emirates

On Wednesday (August 9, 2023), Emirates announced that they have surpassed a major milestone, as their cabin crew team has now exceeded 20,000 and continues growing. Since 2022 alone, Emirates has hosted recruiting events in 340 cities across six countries, truly reflecting the diversity of their cabin crew members, as well as the airline’s global reach. Over the last three decades, the iconic and instantly recognizable Emirates uniforms have undergone four transformations, including a design by the legendary Spanish designer Paco Rabanne in 1997. The airline has retained the iconic beige and added subtle modern tweaks, while staying true to the elegant and classic style throughout the years.

Emirates’ longest serving cabin crew members are a male Emirati purser who joined in 1997 and a female cabin crew member who joined the airline in 1994.

Speaking on the milestone occasion, Emirati Purser, and Emirates’ longest serving cabin crew member, Moosa Mubarak, said,

“I’ve flown as Emirates’ cabin crew for 36 years on over 3,500 flights. Even now, after all these years, I’m always keen and excited to start my duty onboard. Mentoring my crew colleagues and serving as an ambassador for Emirates and my country is what I am most proud of. I have had a long and successful career, incredible experiences and have made mind-blowing memories doing exactly what I love.”

Emirates’ diverse cabin crew team represents over 140 nationalities with 130 languages spoken. Many crew have been part of the airline’s growth story with over 4,000 team members serving 5-9 years, nearly 3,000 serving between 10 and 14 years, over 1,500 serving 15-19 years, and around 400 crossing the milestone 20 years of service.

Emirates’ cabin crew members enjoy a tax-free salary and flying pay, eligibility for profit sharing, hotel stays, layover expenses, concessional travel and cargo, annual leave, an annual leave ticket and furnished accommodation. Team members also receive transportation to/from work, excellent medical, life and dental insurance, laundry service and other benefits. Additionally, cabin crew members can benefit from deeply discounted tickets for family and friends. All new cabin crew members undergo an intense eight weeks of training in the highest standards of hospitality, safety and service delivery at Emirates’ state-of-the-art facility in Dubai. To learn more about an exciting and rewarding career as an Emirates cabin crew member, please click here.

Source: Emirates


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