• Joe Breitfeller

Delta Air Lines Ramps up June Schedule, Including Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Routes

Delta Air Lines announced on Monday that they will increase their flight schedule for June including the return of several major routes due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The carrier has capped capacity at between 50-60 percent to ensure customer spacing.

Delta Announces Expanded Schedule For June - Courtesy Delta Air Lines

Yesterday (May 18, 2020), Delta Air Lines announced their June flight schedule, which includes several major routes which were previously suspended due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Guests will be required to wear face coverings and the carrier will temporarily limit capacity to 50-60 percent to allow customer spacing on all aircraft. Delta continues to provide flights to all U.S. hubs with reduced frequency, while operations in some markets served by multiple airports have been consolidated. Compared to May, Delta is adding more domestic flights to its schedule primarily in Atlanta, New York and between hubs.

Delta Announces Expanded June 2020 Schedule - Courtesy Delta Air Lines

Source: Delta Air Lines