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Brussels Airlines Introduces New Cabin, Cockpit and Ground Operations Uniforms

Brussels Airlines has launched a new uniform program for cabin, cockpit and ground operations employees.  The uniform range has been designed by Gabrielle Szwarcenberg, a young designer from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Brussels Airlines Introduces New Uniform Range Designed by Gabrielle Szwarcenberg From the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - Courtesy Brussels Airlines

On Thursday (January 18, 2024), Brussels Airlines unveiled their new uniform program for cabin, cockpit and ground operations employees.  Reinforcing the carrier’s emphasis on ‘Belgitude’ the uniform range was designed by Gabrielle Szwarcenberg, a young designer from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, along with other established Belgian brands.  With a focus on sustainability, the uniforms are constructed with sustainable and  innovative materials.  Additionally, the style guide has been reviewed for inclusivity.

In Thursday’s announcement, Brussels Airlines’ COO, Tilman Reinshagen, said,

“These uniforms perfectly embody everything Brussels Airlines stands for: Belgitude, a platform for young talent, sustainability, and inclusion.  I’m happy to see the result and can’t wait to see these uniforms live at the airport and on-board our aircraft.  I would like to thank all the staff members who were involved in this monumental project.”

Also commenting on the uniform design collaboration, Gabrielle Szwarcenberg, added,

“I wanted the design to be elegant and sophisticated, while prioritizing the staff’s performance and comfort.  That’s why we introduce items like turtlenecks or sneakers, to make everyone comfortable.  Throughout the design, you’ll also find subtle references to Belgian icons, such as the Atomium on the scarfs and on the inner lining of the blazers.  I really hope the staff enjoys wearing the uniform as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

Introducing Brussels Airlines' New Uniforms - Courtesy Brussels Airlines

The new uniforms were unveiled at a fashion show for staff and press on January 18th, and will be introduced onboard and at the airport from March 1st, 2024, across over 2,600 cabin, cockpit and ground operations’ employees. 

Constructed with dark navy blue fabric paired with champagne-colored details, the new uniforms were designed to align with Brussels Airlines’ brand refresh, which was introduced in November 2021.  The collection is inspired by the glamorous airline uniforms of the 1960s, the ‘golden age of air travel’, resulting in contemporary yet timeless silhouettes.  Additionally, the uniforms are comfortable and attractive on all body types and team members of all ages, delivering a truly inclusive look.  Unisex pieces have also been introduced, along with sneakers that complement the comfortable vegan-leather shoes.

All suppliers for the uniforms and accessories went the extra mile to reduce the environmental impact related to production.  As previous mentioned, sustainable and innovative materials were used throughout the uniform range, from BCI-certified cotton and mulesing free wool to leather from cacti and grapes.  Current uniforms will be collected and repurposed, with details to be announced later.

Brussels Airlines' Refreshed Uniform Program Gallery - Courtesy Brussels Airlines

Additionally, style guidelines for hair, makeup and jewelry are now gender neutral, with makeup becoming completely optional for all team members.  For safety purposes, hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up or in a bun.  Personal tattoos can now also be shown, providing they comply with certain rules related to position, size, and what they represent.


Source: Brussels Airlines


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