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British Airways’ New CEO Sean Doyle Calls for Pre-Departure COVID-19 Testing

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

In his first keynote address at ‘Airlines 2050: Beyond the Crisis’ newly minted British Airways CEO Sean Doyle called for the urgent introduction of pre-departure COVID-19 testing to restore confidence in flying.

British Airways' New CEO, Sean Doyle - Courtesy British Airways

On Monday (October 19, 2020), British Airways’ new CEO Sean Doyle made his first public appearance and gave the keynote address at the ‘Airlines 2050: Beyond the Crisis’ forum. Mr. Boyle expressed to the industry that British Airways continues to play a critical role in connecting Great Britain to the world and the world to Britain. He further reiterated the fact that the risk to the flying public of contracting COVID-19 from a flight is extremely low, with IATA suggesting as few as 44 cases linked to air travel out of 1.2 billion travelers this year. British Airways does not believe that quarantine will be the long-term solution to recovery, but rather, supports the implementation of reliable and affordable pre-flight COVID-19 testing. Mr. Boyle explained that a preflight testing regimen would reduce stress on both NHS testing systems in the UK and on policing the quarantine system. A complete video of the keynote address is available below, courtesy of British Airways.

Source: British Airways


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