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Ban on Single Use Plastic Water Bottles at San Francisco International Airport Starts Today

Approved alternatives include recyclable aluminum, glass and BPI certified compostable containers. Over 100 “Hydration Stations” set up so passengers can refill their own reusable water containers.

Photo Credit: Nito500/123rf

Staying hydrated, particularly on long-haul flights is one of the keys to minimizing the effects of jet-lag. Today, passengers at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) will notice that the ubiquitous single-use plastic water bottle has disappeared from the shelves of airport concessionaires. Instead, they have been replaced by recyclable aluminum, glass or BPI certified compostable alternatives. According to an August 13th press release the new policy applies to purified, mineral, carbonated or electrolyte-enhanced water, but not to flavored beverages. As always, passengers are prohibited from carrying liquids containers of more than 3 oz. in their carry-on luggage. At the time of the announcement, Airport Director Ivar C. Satero stated,

“SFO continues to lead the way in airport sustainability issues. With this move, we take a giant step towards our goal to achieve zero waste going into landfill. I appreciate the support of our SFO business community in making this bold move for our environment.”

As explained in the press release, SFO sells 10,000 bottles of water daily, and statistically only 25% of plastic bottles end up being recycled. Passengers will have the option of bringing their own re-usable water container and the airport has set up over 100 “Hydration Stations” throughout the airport. These stations are touch free and sensor-operated, dispensing fresh water for passenger convenience. A regularly updated Approved Bottled Water List is maintained on the SFO website.

Source: San Francisco International Airport


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