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  • Joe Breitfeller

BagsID Selected for Future Travel Experience APEX Business Transformation Think Tank

The BagsID Network has been selected as a participant in FTE (Future Travel Experience) APEX’s Business Model Transformation Think Tank for ‘Redefining the Baggage Experience.’ BagsID is developing an AI solution to replace bag tags with baggage biometrics.

BagsID Selected by FTE APEX for Their Business Model Transformation Think Tank for 'Redefining the Baggage Experience' - Photo Credit: Jan Vasek/

On Thursday (May 20, 2021), Schiphol, Netherlands-based BagsID Network announced that they have been selected by FTE (Future Travel Experience) APEX to participate in their Business Model Transformation Think Tank for ‘Redefining the Baggage Experience.’ The selection comes after a global search for the most innovative minds and ideas in the industry, and the official announcement will be made during the FTE APEX Virtual Expo 2021, which will be held on May 25-26, 2021. BagsID is focused on developing a future no-tag bag solution by using AI, deep learning and computer vision to build a smarter baggage tracking system. Alternately described as ‘baggage biometrics,’ the company’s solution will detect and track bags by their unique physical characteristics, including scratches, dents and other characteristics.

In Thursday’s announcement, BagsID Network’s Founder and CEO, Marlon van der Meer, said,

“We are humbled to receive these many recognitions. The idea of BagsID started pre-pandemic and we are very pleased that, despite these challenges, the airport and airline industry is still eager to make change and collaborate. Legacy baggage identification solutions are in their final stage of their lifecycle and RFID is not taking off for obvious reasons. It is simply too expensive, and applications are too limited. Data extracted out of images is the key for new possibilities. We are here to be that solution, and we are here to stay. Baggage has an enormous impact on passenger experience, revenue, and on the environment, yet it is often a deliberately overlooked part of the air travel industry. BagsID will change that.”

The latest recognition for BagsID comes after a previous collaboration with IAG’s prestigious Hangar 51 Accelerator program earlier this year. With the company’s new ultra-high tech solution, there will no longer be the need to solely rely on barcode tags, expensive RFID or other inefficient processes. For more information, please visit or click here.

Source: BagsID Network

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