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United Airlines Launches Virtual On Demand Airport Customer Service

The new ‘Agent on Demand’ platform will give guests live, fast and contactless access to information and assistance at all U.S. hubs. The service is currently available at Chicago O’Hare and Houston’s George Bush International Airport and will roll out to all hubs soon.

United Launches Virtual On Demand Airport Customer Service - Courtesy United Airlines

Today (December 8, 2020), United Airlines announced the launch of virtual on demand customer service at the airport. The new ‘Agent on Demand’ program offers virtual on-demand contactless customer and service via call, text or video chat on any mobile device or at select United kiosks. The service is available now at Chicago O’Hare and Houston’s George Bush international airport and will roll out to all U.S hubs by year’s end. Customers will be able to chat live with an agent and get information on anything from seat assignments to boarding times.

To use the service, United guests can scan a QR code displayed on signage throughout the carrier’s hub airports or through self service kiosks at select gate areas including O’Hare and Denver International Airport. Next, based on customer preference, they will be connected to an agent by phone, chat or video with questions typically directed to a gate agent including common queries such as information on seat assignments, upgrades, standby list, flight status, rebooking and more. The service helps to eliminate the need to wait on lines to speak with a gate agent and includes chat functionality allowing guests to communicate with agents in over 100 languages. In Tuesday’s announcement, United’s Executive Vice President for Technology and Chief Digital Officer, Linda Jojo, said,

“We know how important it is for our customers to have more options for a contactless travel experience and this tool makes it easy to quickly receive personalized support directly from a live agent at the airport while maintaining social distancing. Agent on Demand allows customers to bypass waiting in line at the gate and seamlessly connect with customer service agents from their mobile device, ensuring they continue to receive the highest levels of service while also prioritizing their health and safety.”

United was the first airline to debut the new technology, providing convenient service to guests, while freeing up gate agents to handle other critical pre-departure tasks. Additionally, the carrier recently redesigned their mobile app with enhancements for the visually impaired and introduced text alerts for passengers on standby and upgrade lists, reducing person-to person interaction. United also debuted a chat function to give guests a contactless option to receive the latest information on safety and cleaning procedures.

Since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, United Airlines has been a leader in U.S. airlines in protecting their guests and team members across their entire journey through multi-layered health and safety protocols. The airline is also applying Zoono Microbe Shield, an EPA-registered antimicrobial coating that provides a long-lasting bond with surfaces, thereby inhibiting the growth of microbes, across the entire mainline and express fleet by the end of the year. United Airlines shared purpose is ‘Connecting People. Uniting the World.’ Shares in the company’s parent, United Airlines Holdings, Inc., are publicly traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol ‘UAL’.

Source: United Airlines


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