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Qantas Introduces New Onboard Safety Video For the First Time Since 2020

Qantas will introduce a new inflight safety video featuring front line team members and Frequent Flyers.  The new video will replace the Qantas Centenary themed video that has been shown onboard since 2020.

A Still Shot in Lapland, Finland From Qantas' New Inflight Safety Video - Courtesy Qantas

On Wednesday (January 24, 2024), Qantas announced the introduction of a new inflight safety video, which will replace the Qantas Centenary themed video which has been screened onboard since 2020.  The new video features front line team members and Frequent Flyers, which take viewers on a journey through important safety information from some of the most unique destinations across Australia and worldwide.

In Wednesday’s announcement, Qantas’ Chief Customer Officer, Catriona Larritt, said,

“First and foremost, the video is about familiarising our customers with safety procedures and we try to make it as engaging as possible, in particular for regular flyers who might otherwise tune out.  We are proud to feature our own well-travelled team members and customers, to not only deliver the safety message but also promote travel and tourism by inspiring people to explore destinations they may not have experienced throughout Australia and beyond.”


Qantas' New Inflight Safety Video - Courtesy Qantas

Filmed across 14 destinations over a period of 40 days, the new safety video will debut this week, with 75 versions including 12 different languages.


Featured Destinations and Credits for Qantas' New Inflight Safety Video

Source: Qantas


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