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Nolinor Aviation Integrates Virtual Reality Into Pilot Training

As part of their process of continuous improvement in training tools, Nolinor has announced the integration of virtual reality (VR) as part of their pilot training program, becoming among the first airlines in Canada to adopt the technology.

Nolinor Partners With VRPilot to Integrate Virtual Reality Into Their Pilot Training Program - Courtesy Nolinor Aviation

On Tuesday (July 9, 2024), Nolinor Aviation announced that in partnership with VRPilot, they have modeled the cockpit of their 737-200 in an interactive virtual environment.  This is expected to significantly improve the effectiveness of the carrier’s preliminary pilot training before accessing the conventional flight simulator.  Virtual reality offers a realistic cockpit reproduction, essential for developing pilots’ reflexes and muscle memory, as part of learning standard and emergency procedures.

In Tuesday’s announcement, Nolinor Aviation’s Vice President of Operations, Yves Bergeron, said.

“VR training optimally prepares our pilots for the conventional flight simulator, maximizing the output of each session.  This allows us to focus on complex flight scenarios and advanced skills rather than elementary revisions.”

With VRPilot, training sessions can be conducted solo or in pairs, with a virtual co-pilot or another VR pilot, for the purpose of reinforcing communication and teamwork skills.  Additionally, the software offers training and review modes, providing immediate and accurate feedback.  Nolinor Aviation has equipped a special room to allow pilots to train in virtual reality at any time, offering continuous improvement outside of regular training hours.

Complementing the addition of VR training, Nolinor has also undertaken a major upgrade of the visual system of their Level C flight simulator in Miami, Florida.  This improvement was a joint effort of RSi Visuals and the Pan Am Academy team, and has improved the realism of the exterior environment visible from the cockpit.  These improvements represent an investment of over $500,000, reaffirming Nolinor’s commitment to safety, efficiency and excellence.

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is Canada’s largest airline offering specialized commercial charter flights.  The company’s OWG division was founded in 2020 and offers scheduled service to select Caribbean destinations.  Nolinor operates an all-Boeing fleet of Boeing 737-200s, 737-300s, 737-400s and 737-800s. 


Source: Nolinor Aviation


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