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Lufthansa Launches 2021 Special Offers for Frequent Flyers

The Group will automatically double status miles earned by Miles & More members and status members will also earn double HON Circle miles for the first time when flying in First or Business Class.

Lufthansa Group Announces New Special Offers for Frequent Flyers - Courtesy Lufthansa

On Tuesday (February 2, 2021), the Lufthansa Group announced new special offers for frequent flyers in 2021. Lufthansa knows it isn’t easy to maintain status in the current environment with reduced flights and is therefore offering their most loyal customers added peace of mind. Miles & More members will automatically earn double status miles for flights, while status members will earn double Hon Circle miles for the first time when flying in First of business Class. Additionally, Frequent Travellers and Senators will also be able to earn status miles with the Miles & More Credit card. All the announced goodwill offers will remain valid throughout 2021.

In Tuesday’s announcement, Lufthansa Group’s Head of Loyalty, Joost Greve, said,

“We are currently flying by sight and are aware of the difficult situation the Corona pandemic poses for our customers as well. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how travel options will develop this year. That is why we create reliability for our most loyal customers by making it much easier to maintain and achieve the frequent flyer status.”

Status miles for Frequent Travellers and Senators will be automatically doubled, regardless of booking class, and for the first time all status members will also earn double HON Circle miles for First and Business Class flights. The credits are automatic and retroactively apply to all flights since January 1, 2021. No registration is required, and the promotion is valid on all Lufthansa Group flights operated by Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Lufthansa Private jet, SWISS, Eurowings, Brussels Airlines, Air Dolomiti and Edelweiss Air. Additionally, the offer is valid on flights operated by partner airlines including Croatia Airlines, Luxair and LOT Polish Airlines, where status miles and HON Circle miles are awarded.

For everyday earning outside of flying, Frequent Travellers and Senators will now earn two status miles for every euro spent with the Miles & More credit card. The status miles are credited and will count towards a status extension or upgrade to Senator. Additionally, every Frequent Traveller or Senator who has a Miles & More credit card will also receive a one-time credit of 5,000 status miles, including new applicants approved during the promotion period. The maximum value of the promotion is 30,000 miles and no Select Miles are awarded for status miles earned via the credit card.

Further commenting on the new frequent flyer offers, Miles & More GmbH’s Managing Director, Sebastian Reidle, added,

“With this attractive additional offer, we are significantly increasing the value of the Miles & More Credit Card for our most loyal customers and additionally expressing our appreciation for their continued loyalty. By using the card in daily life and the associated opportunity to earn status miles beyond flying this year, we are offering a unique advantage and are absolute innovators in doing so.”

Today’s announcement follows special offers announced for Miles & More status customers in 2020 including the carryover of HON Circle miles earned in 2019 toward 2020 and 2021 requalification. The Lufthansa Group, together with Miles & More, Europe’s leading frequent flyer awards program, is the first company to introduce a goodwill scheme for valued status guests on such a comprehensive scale.

Source: Lufthansa


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