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Lufthansa Group Streamlines Pilot Training Program Within the Company’s ‘ReNew’ Framework

The company is streamlining their pilot training program with a modern framework, campus model, and ab-initio (initial) training for future Lufthansa Group Airlines’ cockpit crews.

Lufthansa to Consolidate Practical Training in Rostock-Laage - Courtesy Lufthansa

On Wednesday (February 17, 2021), the Lufthansa Group announced that they will streamline their pilot training program with the company’s ‘ReNew’ framework. The program will use a modern framework with a campus model and ab-initio training and be offered to future cockpit crews of the Lufthansa Group Airlines. Structures will be realigned, while maintaining the highest quality standards, with the company’s Bremen site being further developed as a center of excellence for theoretical training, and practical training consolidated in Rostock-Laage. The campus model could also enable current flight students to enter careers within the Lufthansa Group later.

In Wednesday’s announcement, Lufthansa Group’s COO, Dr. Detlaf Kayser, said,

“During the greatest crisis in global aviation, we have to put everything at the Lufthansa Group to the test, including our long-standing training concept for our pilots. Over the past decades, this has enabled us to set the highest and globally recognized quality standards in the selection and training for our cockpit crews. While maintaining these quality standards, we now want to modernize this proven concept, make it more efficient and reliable, and enter a new age with digital modules. Simultaneously, we are offering our current flight students a helping hand as the new criteria will give them the chance to find a job as a pilot for our airlines at a later date. The development of the new campus model is a prime example of how we are modernizing Lufthansa via our corporate program ‘ReNew’, by streamlining and improving structures to make them more efficient.”

The global COVID-19 pandemic has impacted employees working in the airline industry and pilot training has also been severely affected with a decrease in recruitment. However, Lufthansa is taking the opportunity to fundamentally modernize their existing training at in-house flight schools. The company’s successful ab-initio (starting from the beginning) training will remain in place within a future ‘campus model’ framework that will provide modern, digital forms of training complemented by new selection procedures. The campus training will be like a university program, resulting in an institutionalized, internationally recognizable degree. Graduates will then be recruited based on demand to the various airlines of the Lufthansa Group.

Last year, Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) offered all flight students the option to end their training at no cost or to continue training at another flight school. As a result of the new streamlined training program, current student pilots will have another option for potential placement in the cockpit of the Group’s airlines in the future.

Source: Lufthansa Group

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