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Lufthansa Group Carriers Say, ‘Yes to Europe’ With Special Liveries Supporting the European Idea

In support of the European idea, and taking a stand in strengthening democracy in advance of the European elections, Lufthansa, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines will deploy four special liveried Airbus A320s with the message, ‘Yes to Europe.’

Lufthansa Group Says 'Yes to Europe' With Four Special Liveried Aircraft Ahead of the European Elections - Courtesy Lufthansa

On Monday (April 22, 2024), Lufthansa Group announced that four Airbus A320s will be deployed by Lufthansa, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines, featuring a special livery with the message, ‘Yes to Europe.’  The tagline has been created to show a visible commitment to the European idea, as well as a joint initiative for the European elections, namely ‘taking a stand’ and ‘strengthening democracy.’  The first two aircraft will take to the skies this week, followed by an additional two next week.

Lufthansa Group to Deploy Four Special Liveried 'Yes to Europe' Aircraft Starting This Week - Courtesy Lufthansa

The important message will be spread across the entire continent at 30,000 feet, with several Lufthansa Group airlines flying over their European homes starting this week.  The four Airbus A320s will serve as ambassadors of the European idea shortly before the scheduled European elections.  The eye-catching ‘Yes to Europe’ message proudly emblazoned across the aircraft fuselages is framed by the European star wreath.  The Lufthansa and Eurowings jets will take to the European skies this week, followed by the Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines aircraft next week.  On May 13, 2024, all four Lufthansa Group aircraft will meet at Brussels Airport.  Lufthansa debuted their first special livery expressing a commitment to Europe before the EU elections in 2019.


Source: Lufthansa Group


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