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Lufthansa Cargo Offers All Customers CO2 Neutral Freight Shipments

Effective immediately, all Lufthansa Cargo customers can opt for CO2 neutral transport of their freight shipments. In addition to the use of sustainable aviation fuel, the company is offering certified offsetting projects to compensate for fossil fuel generated emissions.

Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777 Freighter - Courtesy Lufthansa Cargo

On Wednesday (September 15, 2021), Lufthansa Cargo announced that from now on customers can now book their freight shipments with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and fossil fuel generated CO2 emissions compensation worldwide. The add-on service ‘Sustainable Choice’ is available on all routes with a freighter segment, allowing customers to offset or show corresponding CO2 emissions proportionately in their own carbon balance. Lufthansa Cargo now offers two options for more sustainable freight shipments. When using SAF, a certain amount of bio-fuel is mixed with conventional kerosene, thereby avoiding certain fossil fuel generated CO2 emissions. Further emissions, such as those from the production and transport of SAF, are offset through compensation with environmentally friendly climate protection projects.

In today’s announcement, Lufthansa Cargo’s CEO, Dorothea von Boxberg, said,

“For the transport of airfreight, we are striving for 100 percent CO2 neutrality. However, we will only achieve this ambitious goal together with our customers. Therefore, we are very pleased to now be able to offer everyone a way to contribute to reducing their own carbon footprint. Already in recent months, we have observed an increasing demand for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. These requests confirm to us that the use of sustainable aviation fuels is an essential component for climate neutrality in airfreight.”

Currently, customers can use a CO2 calculator to determine the carbon footprint for each shipment with Lufthansa Cargo. Customers then have the option to choose to have their freight transported CO2 neutrally for an additional charge through the Sustainable Choice service. The service also includes the option for customers to have a CO2 report drawn up afterwards to provide an overview of emissions for the shipments they have transported. The report also includes a breakdown of CO2 emissions by mode of transport, allowing customers to compensate for emissions after completed freight shipments.

By the end of 2021, Lufthansa Cargo will have converted their entire fleet of dedicated freighters to Boeing 777Fs, the most modern and sustainable freighter type. The freighter fleet will also be equipped with BASF Sharkskin technology by 2022. Modelled on sharkskin, the innovative AeroSHARK foil reduces frictional resistance of the aircraft, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Fleetwide, this will enable an annual savings of approximately 3,700 tons kerosene or nearly 11,700 tons of CO2 emissions. Lufthansa Cargo has also been using lightweight containers since 2020, resulting in a substantial weight reduction, a significant factor influencing the CO2 balance.

With revenue of €2.8 billion and 6.5 billion revenue ton-kilometers in 2020, Lufthansa Cargo is one of the world’s leading air freight operators. The cargo carrier serves around 300 destinations in over 100 countries with a dedicated fleet of freighters, as well as belly-hold cargo capacity of passenger aircraft operated by Lufthansa German Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings Discover and SunExpress. The company also operates an extensive road feeder service network. Lufthansa Cargo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and is the Group’s logistics specialist.

Source: Lufthansa Cargo


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