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LOT Polish Airlines Teams With Media Carrier to Expand Digital Press Offering to over 1,000 Titles

LOT Polish Airlines announced on Monday an expansion of their digital press titles through their partnership with Media Carrier. Now, more than 1,000 titles can be downloaded up to 36 hours prior to departure and six hours after landing.

Media Box Digital Press - Courtesy Media Carrier

On Monday (August 17, 2020), LOT Polish Airlines announced an expansion of their digital press to over 1,000 titles, enhancements to the automation of their passenger service system, and new onboard service offerings. In collaboration with Media Carrier, LOT was one of the first airlines in Europe to introduce digital press onboard their flights. Guests of the carrier can download titles via the mobile app 36 hours prior to departure and up to six hours after landing. During the pandemic, it has become necessary to replace paper newspapers and magazines, so LOT’s digital press solution provides not only an enhancement to the passenger experience but is also environmentally friendly. In Monday’s announcement, LOT Polish Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer, Michał Fijoł said,

“At this difficult time for the aviation industry, we are constantly working on developing our offer to better meet the needs of our passengers. By offering digital press, we not only increase the range of titles to over 1,000 Polish and foreign magazines, but also make them available to a much wider audience, i.e. passengers traveling in LOT Economy Class and on domestic flights. The pro-ecological aspect of this change is also important. Until now, we have been taking parcels with traditional press, weighing up to 45 tons, onboard our planes every month. Now we offer each of our passengers an environmentally friendly, up-to-date and modern product tailored to individual needs – digital press”

Media Carrier is a German technology company that provides passengers of airlines, cruise ships and guests of over 1,200 hotels worldwide, with access to digital press titles on their own personal mobile devices. Also commenting on today’s announcement, Media Carrier’s Managing Director, Philipp J. Jack added,

“We are delighted that, with LOT, one more airline demonstrates its trust in us and integrates the Media Box in its service offering. Our Media Box can be used with any internet-capable device; it is not necessary to install an app, register or enter personal data. Each passenger uses only their own mobile device to read their digital newspaper or magazine, and merely touches the display to download their favorite reading, turn pages or scroll. This is of course much more hygienic and safer than using print titles, which often pass through several hands and can therefore be carriers of a variety of germs and viruses.”

LOT has also implemented several technological solutions on their website including a ticket change/refund form which allows self-service changes without contacting the airline by phone or e-mail. The carrier has also added a chat-bot on their site which can answer frequently asked questions or redirect customers to the appropriate information. Additionally, LOT’s website now offers an automated system for dealing with flight irregularities. Customers are now notified by SMS or e-mail when a flight schedule has been changed and can confirm changes in the “manage my booking” module on the airline’s website.

Finally, LOT launched a free enhanced onboard service last June which includes a sweet bun, 0.5 liter bottle of water and a disinfecting tissue. On short-haul flights, passengers are offered a selection of salty or sweet snacks such as pretzels, nuts and sweet buns free of charge. Long-haul guests in all classes of service and short-haul Business and Premium Class customers can order one of 25 different meals on the airline’s website including children’s, kosher, gluten-free and seafood choices, all free of charge. The carrier also plans to rollout self-service paid meal options on their website soon.

Source: LOT Polish Airlines


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