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Germany Renews A400M In-Service Support Contract With Airbus for 7.5 Years

Germany has renewed a contract for the Luftwaffe’s A400M In-Service Support for a further 7.5 years. Under the contract, Airbus will ensure full coverage of scheduled MRO services from their Main MRO base in Manching and at Wunstorf Air Base near Hannover.

A400M MRO at Airbus in Manching, Germany - Courtesy Airbus

On Monday (July 3, 2023) Airbus announced that The Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) in Koblenz, Germany has renewed the contract for the Luftwaffe’s A400M In-Service Support. The new 7.5 year contract is an extension of a contract that has been in place since December 2014. The industrial technical support of the German Air Force’s A400M fleet covers a range of services provided by Airbus Support Centre at Wunstorf Air Base and the Centres of Competence in Getafe, Spain. Germany is the largest A400M customer, and the Luftwaffe currently operates 40 of the type, out of 53 aircraft on order. The entire A400M fleet operates out of Wunstorf Airport Base. Which is home to the Air Transport Wing 62 (Lufttransportgeschwader 62).

In Monday’s announcement, Airbus Defence and Space’s Head of Military Air Systems, Jean-Brice Dumont, said,

“This contract extension shows a long-term commitment of the German government to the A400M. Together with the customer, we have made big strides in recent years to improve availability as well as the operational capabilities of the A400M, which has become an indispensable asset in Germany’s air force inventory. This contract allows us to deepen our fruitful cooperation which, I believe, can serve as a role model of how industry and customers can work together successfully.”

The A400M In-Service Support contract extension covers 7.5 years – Courtesy Airbus

Under the contract, Airbus will ensure full coverage of scheduled MRO services from their main MRO base in Manching near Munich, as well as at Wunstorf Air Base near Hannover, and at Hannover Airport. The contract also foresees the establishment of a new A400M maintenance facility close to Wunstorf Air Base, which is expected to commence operations in 2027. The facility will perform MRO services and also host the Airbus A400M Support Centre with a total workforce of approximately 300, who will work closely with suppliers and customer representatives. Construction on the new facility will commence with immediate effect.

Source: Airbus


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