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Flair Airlines to Add 13 New Boeing 737-8 MAX Aircraft

The Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier will lease the initial 13 Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft from one of their significant financiers, 777 Partners, who recently entered into an agreement with Boeing for 24 new 737-8s and options for up to 60 more.

Flair Airlines to Add 13 Boeing 737-8 MAX Aircraft From Early 2021 - Courtesy Flair Airlines

On Wednesday (January 27, 2021), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-based ULCC Flair Airlines announced the addition of 13 new Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft to their fleet. The carrier will lease the initial 13 aircraft from one of their significant financiers, 777 Partners, who recently entered into a purchase agreement with Boeing for 24 new 737-8 MAX aircraft with and option for up to 60 more. The new airplanes will allow Flair to achieve the lowest cost per seat mile of any Canadian carrier. The MAX will deliver fuel savings and a reduction of CO2 emissions of 14 percent, compared to previous generation aircraft. In today’s announcement, Flair Airlines’ President & CEO, Stephen Jones, said,

“Canadians have been paying too much for too long. We must do our part to ensure affordable air travel is available to all Canadians across Canada if travel and tourism are to return this year. Our efficient new aircraft will provide us the foundation to execute our ULCC business model. These planes will enable us to keep fares low while expanding our service to meet travel demand. As a ULCC, we have an extraordinary impact on the lives of Canadians and the communities in which they live by making travel across the country affordable and accessible.

“In advance of the new 737-8 aircraft joining our fleet of existing 737-800s, Flair’s team of pilots, maintenance professionals, flight attendants and safety officers will conduct extensive testing and training programs. Our team continues to work tirelessly to ensure our processes and training help better our already impeccable safety standards. We look forward to working with Boeing and our regulators to ensure a smooth entry into service for this fantastic aircraft. The days of limited choices and frustration with high fares from legacy carriers are gone. Flair, and ultra-low-cost travel, is here to stay. No longer will Canadians pay a premium to explore their own country.”

Flair’s new Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft have been configured with a fresh, new and modern look which reflects the carrier’s brand evolution. The aircraft have been arranged in a single-class 189 seat configuration and can fly up to 3,550 nautical miles (6,750 km), allowing Flair to grow their network across Canada with low-fare options to more destinations. The company is currently accepting expressions of interest from airports across Canada who would like to provide ULCC service to their communities. Flair will begin accepting delivery of the new aircraft in early 202, as part of their ‘F50’ plan to grow their fleet to 50 aircraft in five years.

Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent ULCC and the company’s mission is to make travel accessible and affordable for all Canadians. The airline operates a fleet of Next Generation Boeing 737-800s, providing low fare service to ten Canadian cities including Vancouver, Kelowna, Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Prince George, Winnipeg and Toronto.

Source: Flair Airlines


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