• Joe Breitfeller

Embraer Measures External Noise From E175-E2 as Aircraft Moves Towards Certification

After a team of 30 Embraer engineers and technicians set up sensitive testing equipment at their test Facility at Gavião Peixoto in central Brazil, the devices are now measuring the takeoff and landing noise of the company’s newest E-Jet, the E175.

Embraer E175-E2 'Profit Hunter' - Courtesy Embraer

On Friday (October 1st, 2021), Embraer announced the testing of external noise from their newest E-Jet, the E175, as the aircraft moves towards certification. It took several weeks for Embraer’s team of 30 engineers and technicians to install the sensitive test equipment a few months ago at the company’s test facility at Gavião Peixoto in central Brazil. The devices then measure the takeoff and landing noise from the E175-E2, while required highly coordinated teams on the ground and pilots fly the aircraft at varying angles, speeds and altitudes. The process builds a noise profile from nearly 70,000 sound samples generated per second which are captured on 96 microphones.

In the video below, courtesy of Embraer, test flight engineers explain how the tests are conducted and the importance of low-noise aircraft. Embraer’s team is continually improving the E2 Family of aircraft to make them even more environmentally friendly, and the E2 already complies with future noise limits for commercial aircraft set by ICAO.

Source: Embraer