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Embraer Completes Reintegration of Commercial Aviation Business

In a process that started in May 2020, Embraer has completed the reintegration of their commercial aviation business, following the termination of a proposed partnership with Boeing. The process mainly involved the reintegration of IT systems and processes.

Embraer Completes Commercial Aviation Business Integration - Courtesy Embraer

On Wednesday (January 26, 2022), Embraer announced that they have completed the reintegration process of their commercial aviation business, which was separated under a proposed partnership with Boeing, which has since been terminated. The reintegration process started in May 2020, and mainly involved the reintegration of the aviation business’ main information technology and processes. The work completed throughout January 2022 did not interfere with the company’s essential operations. Part of the main focus of reintegration was to recover synergies to ensure operational benefits, while eliminating fiscal inefficiencies.

In today’s announcement, Embraer’s Executive Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations, Antonio Carlos Garcia, said,

“We believe that 2022 will be a year of growth and we are well prepared to harness the full potential of the company. So, the success of the reintegration of the commercial aviation business is another important step in the process of executing our strategic planning and will result in significant operational improvements and better profitability. Embraer's entire team is to be congratulated on the excellent job done and completed in a shorter time than planned.”

Headquartered in Brazil, Embraer is a global aerospace company and the leading manufacturer of aircraft with 70-150 seats, with more than 100 customers worldwide. The company maintains industrial units, offices and service/parts distribution centers across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Embraer has logged over 1,900 orders for their E-Jets and the company has already delivered over 1,600 of the jets to 80 customers in 50 countries. Since the company’s founding in 1969, Embraer has delivered over 8,000 aircraft. Today, an Embraer aircraft takes off on average every ten seconds, carrying over 145 million passengers annually.

Source: Embraer

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