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easyJet Welcomes FlyZero’s Midsize Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft Concept

easyJet has welcomed FlyZero’s announcement that they have developed a concept for a zero-carbon emission midsize aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen. The concept aircraft could carry 279 passengers nonstop halfway around the world.

FlyZero Midsize Zero-Carbon Emission Hydrogen Powered Aircraft Concept Rendering - Courtesy Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI)

Today (December 7, 2021), easyJet announced that they welcome FlyZero’s new concept for a midsize hydrogen-powered aircraft capable of carrying 279 passengers between London and San Francisco or Auckland nonstop, while producing zero carbon emissions. The aircraft would store hydrogen at minus 418 degrees Fahrenheit (-250 Celsius) in cryogenic fuel tanks at the rear of the aircraft and two smaller “cheek” tanks along the forward fuselage to keep the aircraft balanced.

In Tuesday’s announcement, easyJet’s Director of Flight Operations, David Morgan, said,

“FlyZero’s concept aircraft demonstrates the huge potential of green liquid hydrogen for aviation, including larger gauge aircraft, and I’m very excited to see where we go from here. easyJet is closely involved in the work of the Aerospace Technology Institute and its FlyZero project and we look forward to continuous collaboration to make zero-carbon emission flights a reality as soon as possible.”

The FlyZero project is led by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and funded by the UK Government in support of the aims of the Zero Jet Council, a public-private partnership. easyJet is involved in all three entities with company CEO Johan Lundgren on the Jet Zero Council Board and easyJet’s Director of Flight Operations, David Morgan, on the Advisory Board of the ATI. Additionally, easyJet Pilot Debbi Thomas, a First Officer based in Bristol, is part of 100 aviation and aerospace experts on the FlyZero project.

easyJet carries nearly 100 million passengers annually on around 1,000 routes to over 150 airports in 35 countries. The airline has a fleet of over 300 aircraft and over 300 million Europeans live within an hour’s drive of an airport served by easyJet. The 25 plus year old low-cost carrier is dedicated to innovation and leads the industry in digital, web, engineering and operational efficiencies. easyJet was named “Britain’s Most Admired Company” in the transport sector for 2020, based on the longest running annual corporate reputation study in the UK. The airline is fully committed to sustainability in the aviation industry, including areas beyond carbon such as reducing plastic waste and introducing uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles.

Source: easyJet


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