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easyJet Unveils New ‘nextGen easyJet’ Marketing Campaign

easyJet has introduced a new ‘nextGen easyJet’ marketing campaign, as the carrier relaunches their brand identity. The integrated brand campaign features a 60 second advert to inspire holidaymakers to rediscover Europe in the post-pandemic environment.

easyJet Launches New 'nextGen easyJet' Marketing Campaign - Courtesy easyJet

On Friday (March 25, 2022), easyJet announced the launch of their new ‘nextGen easyJet’ marketing campaign as part of the relaunch of their brand identity in the post-pandemic era. The integrated brand campaign features a 60 second advert, inspiring holidaymakers to rediscover Europe. The campaign was created by VCCP London, and marks the airline’s first pan-European marketing program since the onset of the Global COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to TV advertising, the campaign includes print, social media and digital executions across the UK and core markets in Europe.

In Friday’s announcment, easyJet’s Customer and Marketing Director, Richard Sherwood, said,

“easyJet has always been restless. Since our beginnings we have been a disruptor and continue to challenge ourselves and the industry to ask: ‘what’s next’? More than ever, consumers are looking for brands that they trust and share the same values with, and while we see that there is pent up demand to travel across Europe, with many wanting to make up for lost time and enjoy all of the experiences travel has to offer, people don’t want to enjoy travel at any cost.

“Consumers want to know they are flying with a safe and responsible company, who champions and takes action to lead the way with environmental, social and inclusive initiatives that drive positive change for our planet and communities, for its people and customers – that’s nextGen easyJet.

“Through our new brand identity, we want to empower customers with the knowledge and choices to fulfil their aspirations as nextGen travellers, by working towards a future where it’s possible to fly without leaving a footprint, creating an inclusive and diverse business that’s driven to shape nextGen travel, all while keeping holidays easy and affordable for our customers and communities where we fly. We’re looking forward to bringing customers along with us on this next journey, where the possibilities are endless.”

easyJet's new 60 second Advert as Part of the Carrier's 'nextGen easyJet' Marketing Campaign - Courtesy easyJet/VCCP London

Also commenting on the new ‘nextGen easyJet’ marketing campaign, VCCP’s Creative Director, David Masterman, added,

“There aren't many things we've missed as much as travel these past couple of years. Its importance has never been more apparent. easyJet are doing amazing things with a view to the future and this campaign is how we're going to talk about those things.”

Founded in 2002, VCCP is an international integrated communications agency, operating on the principles of simplicity, collaboration, and integration around ideas rather than channels. The company has offices in London, Madrid, New York, Prague, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney.

easyJet carries nearly 100 million passengers annually on around 1,000 routes to over 150 airports in 35 countries. The airline has a fleet of over 300 aircraft and over 300 million Europeans live within an hour’s drive of an airport served by easyJet. The 25 plus year old low-cost carrier is dedicated to innovation and leads the industry in digital, web, engineering and operational efficiencies. easyJet was named “Britain’s Most Admired Company” in the transport sector for 2020, based on the longest running annual corporate reputation study in the UK.

Source: easyJet


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