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easyJet Launches New Recruitment Drive for 1,000 Pilots

For the first time in two years, easyJet has relaunched their ‘Generation easyJet Pilot Training Program’ as the carrier aims to recruit 1,000 pilots. The new recruitment ad campaign features a parent, former gymnast and a DJ, all real-life easyJet pilots.

Mother of Two, Captain Iris de Kan With Her Five -Year-Old Daughter Kiki - Courtesy easyJet

On Monday (January 31, 2022), easyJet announced the relaunch of their ‘Generation easyJet Pilot Training’ program for the first time in two years, with the goal of recruiting 1,000 new pilots. The new recruiting campaign aims to attract more diverse candidates, while challenging stereotypes about becoming an airline pilot. The stars of the advertising campaign are a parent, a former gymnast and a DJ, all real life easyJet pilots. Over the next five years, the carrier plans on recruiting 1,000 cadets to train and join the airline as pilots starting in 2024. The new national ad campaign rolled out today across social media, the UK and Europe.

In Monday’s announcement, easyJet’s CEO, John Lundgren, said,

"We are delighted to be reopening our pilot training programme again for the first time since the pandemic hit and will see us recruit over 1000 new pilots in the coming years. easyJet has long championed greater diversity in the flight deck and this series of ads aims to highlight the extraordinary breadth of skills our pilots have and show that pilots can be found in all walks of life, in a bid to attract more diverse candidates.

“We continue to focus on challenging gendered stereotypes of the career having doubled the number of female pilots flying with us in recent years. We also acknowledge that whilst we have made progress, there is still work to do. Increasing diversity in all of its forms in the flight deck is a long-term focus for easyJet and so we will continue to ensure we lead the industry on this issue.”

Meet the Stars of easyJet's New Pilot Recruitment Drive: Former Resident DJ, Senior First Officer, Aaron Moseley; Former Gymnast, Senior First Officer Nina Le; Mother of Two, Captain Iris de Kan - Courtesy easyJet

Aspiring pilots interested in applying for the Generation easyJet Pilot Training Program must be 18 or over by the time they start training, and have a minimum of 5 General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) of Grade C or above (or equivalent) in Math, Science and English language, with no higher degree or qualifications required. The intensive, industry-leading training course takes candidates from little to no flying experience, to operating a commercial passenger aircraft in around two years. Interested candidates can apply today at becomeapilot/

Source: easyJet


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