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Cathay Pacific Services Limited Opens New Purpose-Built Pharma Handling Centre

Cathay Pacific Services Limited has opened a new purpose-built Pharma Handling Centre facility at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. The 1,250 square-meter, fully temperature-controlled facility is dedicated to the handling of pharmaceutical products.

Cathay Pacific Opens New Pharma Handling Centre at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal in Hong Kong - Courtesy Cathay Pacific

On Tuesday (November 15, 2022), Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) announced the opening of their newest facility at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal earlier this month. The new, over 1,250 square meter, temperature controlled Pharma Handling Centre is dedicated to the handling of pharmaceutical products. The state-of-the-art facility features real-time temperature and humidity monitoring with over 60 temperature sensors to ensure all handling is under a controlled ambient temperature of between 15-25 degrees Celsius. The temperature-controlled lobby includes truck docks with inflatable shelters for virtually airtight sealing for vehicles. Additionally, the centre utilizes an innovative suspended mobile power system, including 45 movable charging points to accommodate active container charging. The Pharma Handling Centre also uses non-ozone depleting HFC refrigerants and has been built with 420 high-thermal insulation panels.

In Tuesday’s announcement, CPSL’s Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Mark Watts, said,

“Our investment in the new Pharma Handling Centre demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring that we can provide fast and dependable handling for the growing pharma market for many years to come.”

Also commenting on the new facility opening, CPSL’s Chairman, Mr. Tom Owen, added,

“This supports CPSL’s vision to become the world’s most customer-centric air cargo terminal operator and further strengthens the status of Hong Kong as a leading international aviation hub for temperature-controlled shipments.”

Cathay Pacific Services Limited's New Pharma Handling Centre - Courtesy Cathay Pacific

CPSL’s new Pharma Handling Centre is connected to the Container handling System (CHS) to ensure prompt acceptance, storage and delivery, and meets IATA CEIV standards. The facility is capable of processing 235,000 tonnes of pharmaceuticals annually, doubling the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal’s existing cold storage area and capacity. The new centre is part of CPSL’s ‘Total Cold Chain Solution’, ensuring shipments remain at the optimal temperature across the entire journey. CPSL also has a 1,250 square-meter multi-temperature-zone cold room, a perishable handling centre, and thermal dollies for transfers between aircraft and terminal. The company also offers an internet of things (IoT) MobiFresh solution.

Source: Cathay Pacific

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