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Boom Supersonic Teams With U.S. Air Force to Explore Government Executive Flight Program

Boom Supersonic announced on Tuesday that they have teamed with the U.S. Air Force to explore a potential government executive flight program. The Denver based company has been awarded a USAF contract to explore an Overture configuration for executive transport.

Boom Overture in Air Force One Livery - Courtesy Boom Supersonic

On Tuesday (September 8, 2020), Denver based Boom Supersonic, who is developing the world’s fastest commercial airliner, announced the signing of a contract with the U.S. Air Force to fund the exploration of an Overture configuration for USAF executive transport. The Overture is the aerospace company’s concept for a supersonic commercial airliner. The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) manages executive branch travel, including Air Force One. In Tuesday’s announcement, Boom Supersonic’s Founder and CEO, Blake Scholl said,

“Supersonic flight brings people together, whether for work, family or global diplomacy. By cutting travel times we make it possible for U.S. diplomats and executive leaders to connect more frequently in person, meeting challenges and defusing potential crises with a personal touch. We’re so proud to help envision a new way for the Air Force to provide transport for critical government activities.”

Also commenting on Tuesday’s announcement, Brigadier General Ryan Britton, Program Executive Officer for Presidential & Executive Airlift Directorate, added,

“The United States Air Force is constantly looking for technological opportunities to disrupt the balance of our adversaries. Boom is an example of the American ingenuity that drives the economy forward through technological advances. We are extremely excited to team with them as we work to shrink the world and transform the future of our executive airlift.”

Boom Supersonic Teams with the United Sates Air Force to Explore Government Executive Flight Program - Courtesy Boom Supersonic

The Overture will offer a unique combination of capacity, speed and enough space and power to meet the mission of the USAF. The aircraft can be configured for multiple cabin zones providing a flexible layout while maximizing privacy. The Overture is currently being designed to meet the FAA’s stringent airworthiness and production regulations. Additionally, the aircraft can be configured to meet the mission requirements of other USAF and DOD requirements or as part of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF). The aircraft will be able to accomplish humanitarian and other critical airlift missions in half of the usual time.

Source: Boom Supersonic


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