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Boeing Purchases Two Million Gallons of SAF to Support Commercial Operations

Boeing has announced a supply agreement for two million gallons of blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with EPIC Fuels to power their commercial operations in Washington State and South Carolina through 2022.

Boeing Buys Two Million Gallons of SAF From EPIC Fuels - Courtesy Boeing

On Monday (February 7, 2022) Boeing announced the signing of a supply agreement with EPIC Fuels for two million gallons (7.5 million liters) of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to power their commercial operations in Washington State and South Carolina through 2022. The agreement is the largest SAF procurement announced by an airframer and represents Boeing’s ongoing commitment to the decarbonization of the industry. Over the fuel’s lifecycle, SAF reduces emissions by up to 80 percent, with the potential to reach 100 percent, and is widely recognized as the most immediate available initiative to advance the industry’s goal to achieve decarbonization over the next 20-30 years.

In Monday’s announcement, Boeing’s Vice President of Environmental Sustainability, Sheila Remes, said,

“SAF is a safe, proven, immediate solution that will help achieve our industry's long-term commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Boeing has been a pioneer in making sustainable aviation fuels a reality. Through this agreement we will reduce our carbon footprint and have SAF available for customer deliveries as well as our own operations.”

Also commenting on Boeing’s SAF commitment, EPIC Fuels’ Vice President and COO, Kyle O’Leary, said,

“Our focus on environmental stewardship and safety is well known in the industry. EPIC and Boeing have been partners for decades and we are honored to be a part of this procurement. Working together, we are making sustainability more attainable for our customers.”

Currently, SAF is certified for commercial use and can be blended with traditional jet fuel without modifications to airplanes, engines of fueling infrastructure. Boeing is committed to delivering commercial airplanes capable and certified to operate on 100 percent SAF by 2030. The purchase agreement with EPIC Fuels, an independent aviation fuel supplier with primary operations throughout the U.S. and Canada, includes SAF made from inedible agricultural waste, blending 30 percent neat SAF with conventional jet fuel. EPIC will also continue to supply customized SAF blends from 50/50 percent up to 100 percent for Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator program.

Source: Boeing


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