Boeing Announces New Commercial Airplanes CEO and New Boss of Boeing Global Services

Updated: Jan 11

On Tuesday, Boeing announced that their Commercial Airplanes CEO Kevin McAllister has been replaced by Boeing Executive Vice President and head of Global Services, Stan Deal. Boeing EVP Ted Colbert will fill the top job at Global Services.

Boeing Chicago HQ - Image Courtesy Boeing

On the eve of Boeing’s third quarter earnings report the company’s management and board has recognized the need to shake up the storied aerospace company’s leadership. After last weekend's media focus on 2016 digital messages (without context) the company stakeholders felt compelled to make changes that would be recognized by Boeing shareholders, customers and passengers alike. In a press release Tuesday afternoon, Boeing announced that Stan Deal would replace Kevin McAllister as CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Additionally, the company announced that Ted Colbert would take the top position of Boeing Global Services and Vishwa Udanwadiker would take the [unenviable] position as Boeing’s interim Chief Information Officer. In the latest press release, Boeing’s President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg stated,

“Our entire Boeing team is focused on operational excellence, aligned with our values of safety, quality and integrity, and we’re committed to delivering on our commitments and regaining trust with our regulators, customers and other stakeholders. Stan brings extensive operational experience at Commercial Airplanes and trusted relationships with our airline customers and industry partners; and Ted brings to our Global Services business an enterprise approach to customers and a strong digital business expertise – a key component of our long-term growth plans. We’re grateful to Kevin for his dedicated and tireless service to Boeing, its customers and its communities during a challenging time, and for his commitment to support this transition. We also thank Vishwa for stepping up to this important role."

Vishwa Uddanwadiker was previously Vice President of Information Technology for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Now he has taken on the roles of Senior Vice President, Information Technology and Data Analytics, along with the interim Chief Information Officer position vacated by Mr. Colbert. We wish Mr. Uddanwadiker and the entire Boeing team great luck and success as they shoulder the enormous burden of their worldwide stakeholders.

Source: Boeing

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