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BagsID Demonstrates Their Innovative Baggage Capabilities at Rome Fiumicino Airport

BagsID has successfully deployed their innovative baggage capabilities as part of the Aeroporti di Roma Innovation Hub incubator program. Based at Rome Fiumicino Airport, the program allows innovative aviation industry startups to showcase their ideas and technology.

BagsID Successfully Demonstrates Their Innovative Baggage Capabilities at Rome Fiumicino Airport - Photo Credit: Aeroporti di Roma

On Tuesday (September 13, 2022), BagsID announced the successful deployment of their innovative baggage capabilities at the Aeroporti di Roma (AdR) Innovation Hub incubator program, created in partnership with LVenture Group. The incubator program, which is located at Rome Fiumicino Airport, provides a platform for innovative startups to demonstrate their ideas, technologies, and innovations to key stakeholders in the aviation industry. BagsID showcased their new mobile recognition app and its future use for baggage biometrics.

BagsID’s roadmap for the incubator program at Rome Fiumicino Airport includes mounting frames and cameras for image acquisition in the baggage handling system. As part of the demonstration, airport staff were able to use the BagsID app to scan a set of test bags, after which the revolutionary image technology instantly provided feedback on the bag’s last known location, while showing pictures of that exact bag in the baggage handling system.

Speaking on BagsID's successful demonstration, Aeroporti di Roma’s Vice President of Innovation and Quality, Emanuele Calà, said,

“What BagsID is developing is a revolution! At AdR, we believe in the future of baggage biometrics and the possibilities that will revolutionize the way baggage will travel. Not only will this benefit the way passengers travel but it will also deliver a significant improvement in our handling processes and reliability of our airport.”

Also commenting on the company’s participation in the incubator program, BagsID’s Chief Executive Officer, Dave Bakker, said,

“We are thankful for the leadership role that Aeroporti di Roma has taken with their incubator programme and we are delighted to have been able to demonstrate our innovative capabilities in improving the baggage process through the use of AI enhanced computer vision technology. We look forward working together with Aeroporti di Roma to deploy the next steps in our proof of concept.”

With over four billion bags checked in globally each year, BagsID is focused on developing a future no-tag bag solution by using AI, deep learning and computer vision to build a smarter baggage tracking system. Alternately described as ‘baggage biometrics,’ the company’s solution will detect and track bags by their unique physical characteristics, including scratches, dents and other identifying features. The company’s SaaS solution will provide valuable insights to airports and airlines, while increasing performance and capacity. The software connects to a global library and has easy-to-integrate user interfaces, management dashboards and interoperable connectivity.

Source: BagsID


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