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Austrian Airlines Launches New Brand Campaign in ‘Three Quarter Time’

Austrian Airlines has launched a new brand campaign that focuses on the carrier’s well-known strengths such as hospitality and warmth, combined with iconic elements such as the three quarter time Blue Danube Waltz, plus new modern elements.

Austrian Airlines Airbus A320neo - Courtesy Austrian Airlines

On Monday (April 17, 2023), Austrian Airlines announced the launch of a new brand campaign. The campaign focuses on Austrian’s well-known strengths such as hospitality and warmth, coupled with iconic elements such as the three quarter time Blue Danube Waltz, complemented by new, modern elements. The combination of an emotional connection with the brand, the onboard culinary offerings, Austrian hospitality and a relaxed ambience, create a memorable and incomparable travel experience for Austrian Airlines’ guests. The new brand campaign was designed in collaboration with the creative agency thjnk Berlin.

In Monday’s announcement, Austrian Airlines’ Chief Commercial Officer, Michael Trestl, said,

“Warm, confident and above all hospitable. These are values ​​that we convey to our guests on board and that we want to carry out into the world with our brand. A piece of Austria flying above the clouds. Our new brand spot speaks a bolder, more modern and more diverse visual language and relies on a fresh tonality with rough edges. We embody exactly what we are: the perfect mixture of tradition and modernity. Approachably unaffected and authentically Austrian!”

Also commenting on Austrian’ new brand campaign, thjnk Berlin’s Managing Director – Creation, Stefan Schulte, said,

“Everyone wants to be younger, more modern, fresher. Unfortunately, this often leads to powerless, Gen Z-offering alibi creation. Our approach: We simply tell what is still the strongest story of all stories – our own. Only Austrian sounds like Austria, dances like Austria, smiles like Austria, is Austria. And yes, our campaign: only Austrian can do it like that.”

Austrian Airlines' New Brand Campaign Television Spot - Courtesy Austrian Airlines

The new brand campaign and associated spot will be broadcast on television channels in German-speaking countries, with the goal of conveying to audiences that a flying piece of Austria awaits them.

Source: Austrian Airlines


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