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American Airlines Launches Free Onboard Access to TikTok

American Airlines has added TikTok to their roster of free inflight options without purchasing Wi-Fi. Starting today, guests traveling on Viasat-equipped narrow body aircraft will have 30-minutes of free access to the popular entertainment platform.

American Airlines Launches Free Onboard Access to TikTok - Courtesy American Airlines

On Monday (August 2, 2021), American Airlines announced an expansion of their roster of free inflight entertainment options with the addition of the popular entertainment platform TikTok. Starting today, customers traveling on a Viasat-equipped standard body aircraft will have free access to 30 minutes of TikTok without purchasing Wi-Fi. TikTok is a mobile and desktop app that offers short-form videos with content from dance challenges and lip-sync videos to content for travelers, adventure enthusiasts, car and sports fans and more.

In Monday’s announcement, American Airlines’ Managing Director of Premium Customer Experience and Onboard Products, Clarissa Sebastian, said,

“Faster Wi-Fi allows us to deliver diverse inflight entertainment options and invest in innovative partnerships with platforms like TikTok. Customers play the lead role in helping us better understand what content they want during their inflight experience and TikTok is one of the platforms they love on the ground, and we’re thrilled to work with Viasat to give customers free access to TikTok while they’re in the air as well.”

To use the new feature, customers enter airplane mode on their personal mobile device and connect to the ‘AA-inflight’ signal. Once connected, users will be redirected to the Wi-Fi portal. Next, customers simply click on the TikTok app for free access to the platform. If a guest is not currently a TikTok user, they can connect to while inflight and download the app without paying for Wi-Fi. All inflight entertainment onboard American flights is free, including over 600 movies and TV shows, and education tools on the carrier’s new Lifestyle inflight entertainment channel such as Rosetta Stone and Skillshare.

American Airlines’ purpose is to “care for people on life’s journey.” Shares in the American Airlines Group, Inc., trade on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol AAL and the company’s stock is included in the S&P 500.

Source: American Airlines


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