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Turkish Airlines Celebrates 75 Years of International Service in Athens

Last Saturday, Turkish Airlines celebrated their 75th anniversary of international service, with their first international flight taking place on February 12, 1947, on the Ankara-Istanbul-Athens route. The historic flight was operated with a Douglas DC-3, tail number TC-ABA.

Turkish Airlines' First International Flight Took Place on the Ankara-Istanbul-Athens Route Took Place 75 years ago on February 12, 1947. The Route was Serviced with a Douglas DC-3, Tail Number TC-ABA - Courtesy Turkish Airlines

On Monday (February 14, 2022), Turkish Airlines announced the 75th anniversary of their first international service on the Ankara-Istanbul-Athens route, which took place on February 12, 1947. Operated with a Douglas DC-3, tail number TC-ABA, the flight departed Ankara at 10:00, and after and interim stop in Istanbul, arrived at Athens Airport, which was then called Hassani Airport. Onboard the two hour and 40 minute flight, was the era’s Turkish State Airlines General Manager, Osman Nuri Baykal.

On last Saturday’s anniversary flight, Turkish Airlines’ Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, said,

“We had the honor of carrying our flag to abroad 75 years ago at Athens. While we transported 30 passengers between two neighboring countries on February 12, 1947, now we carry millions of our guests to their loved ones over the continents. As the airline that flies to more countries than any other, we will continue to host our guests with Turkish hospitality and fly our flag proudly in the sky.”

Turkish Airlines' First International Flight on February 12, 1947, carried 30 passengers on the Ankara-Istanbul-Athens Route - Courtesy Turkish Airlines

During last Saturday's anniversary flights between Istanbul and Athens, cabin crew members read a special announcement to onboard guests, which stated,

“As the airline that flies to more countries than any other, we are celebrating 75th anniversary of our Athens flights, our first international destination. Although many changes occurred in aviation since that first international flight, excitement and happiness of meeting with our passengers in skies remained the same for Turkish Airlines. We hope to discover the world for many more years with you.”

Turkish Airlines Celebrates 75 Years of International Service on Saturday, February 12, 2022 - Courtesy Turkish Airlines

Operating their first international flight 75 years ago, when the carrier had a fleet of only 33 aircraft, Turkish Airlines now operates one of the industry’s youngest fleets with 371 aircraft. The airline currently offers four daily flights to Athens, as well as double-daily service to Thessaloniki. Turkish Airlines flies to more international destinations than any other carrier, with service to 128 countries on five continents.

Source: Turkish Airlines


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