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Philippine Airlines and Shell Partner to Allow Conversion of Shell Go+ Points to Mabuhay Miles

Now it will be easier than ever for Philippine Airlines’ loyalty program members to get closer to their next dream holiday. Through a new partnership with Pilipinas Shell, customers can now convert their Shell Go+ loyalty points to PAL Mabuhay Miles.

Customers Can Now Convert Their Shell GO+ Points to PAL Mabuhay Miles - Courtesy Philippine Airlines

On Monday (June 27, 2022), Philippine Airlines announced the launch of a new partnership with Pilipinas Shell which allows customers to convert their Shell Go+ points to PAL Mabuhay Miles, making it easier than ever for customers to reach their next dream destination. Customers can start collecting Shell Go+ points and convert them to Mabuhay miles via the Shell Go+ application at the rate of one Mabuhay Mile for every three Go+ points.

In Monday’s announcment, Philippine Airlines’ President and COO, Captain Stanley K. Ng, said,

“With the Philippines and the rest of the world opening its doors for travel, the opportunity to help people reach their desired destinations also opens. We are optimistic that the resurgence in air travel will continue and with support from partners like Pilipinas Shell, we can help bring more Filipinos to their destinations of choice.”

Also commenting on the new partnership, Pilipinas Shell’s President and CEO and Country Chairman of the Shell Companies in the Philippines, Lorelie Quiambao-Osial, added,

“Through cooperation and harmonious partnerships, we will be able to establish the foundation towards the future that we aim to live in. This goes beyond the core aviation business operations and amplifies the essence of collaborations in the industry to provide end-to-end benefits for traveling customers.”

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Source: Philippine Airlines


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