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Peach Celebrates Ten Years of Service, Carrying Over 40 Million Passengers

Today, Peach Aviation Limited celebrated their tenth anniversary. Over the last decade, the airline has carried over 40 million guests, and to celebrate their milestone birthday, Peach is offering one-way fares from only 10 yen.

Peach Celebrates Ten Years in the Skies on Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 - Courtesy Peach Aviation Limited

On Tuesday (March 1, 2022), Peach Aviation Limited announced the anniversary of their tenth anniversary in business. Japan’s first LCC launched operations on March 1st, 2012, with three aircraft and two routes from Osaka (Kansai) to Sapporo (New Chitose) and Fukuoka. Over the last decade, the carrier has served over 40 million guests, and has since developed a route network at the fastest pace in Japanese aviation history. Peach is currently the third largest airline in Japan and operates 33 domestic and 17 international routes with a fleet of 33 aircraft.

Celebrating the airline’s 10th anniversary, Peach Aviation Limited’s CEO, Takeaki Mori, said,

“I am deeply grateful that we can celebrate our 10th anniversary today with the support of many customers and destinations. Ten years ago, Peach started service as the first LCC in Japan with the concept of ‘flying trains’ with the desire to make air travel easier and more accessible. With unprecedented low fares, we have created new values and options in the aviation industry, such as school-commuting, long-distance caregiving, and day trips abroad. While online and virtual communications have become popular, people are reconsidering the value of real communications. Moving forward, we will strive to maintain safe operations and provide stable low fares, while keeping in mind our mission as a ‘flying train’.”

Since the carrier’s founding, Peach has focused on hiring cabin crew with a based on their personality regardless of nationality, age, gender or career. Peach has also launched a number of innovations such as inflight shopping for cars and ‘Tabikuji’ which offers journeys with no choice of destination. These are just a few examples of the airline’s playful spirit and their desire not to be bound by industry stereotypes. In celebration of their tenth anniversary, Peach has also set up a dedicated website featuring videos on the company’s history and team member interviews. To view the airline's special 10th anniversary website, please click here (Japanese only). The carrier is also launching three consecutive special sales with one-way fares to all 33 domestic target routes which will vary in each sale.

Peach Launches 10th Anniversary Sale With Fares From 10 Yen - Courtesy Peach Aviation Limited

Peach Aviation Limited (Peach) commenced operations out of Osaka-Kansai in March 1st, 2012, and currently operates 33 domestic and 17 international routes with a fleet of 33 aircraft. In addition to their base at Osaka (Kansai Airport), the carrier maintains bases at Sapporo (New Chitose Airport), Sendai Airport, Tokyo (Narita Airport), Fukuoka Airport, Chubu Airport and Naha Airport. The airline hopes to become the leading low-cost carrier (LCC) in Asia with plans to expand their network from the Tokyo metro area and Osaka-Kansai. Peach Aviation Limited is owned by ANA Holdings Inc. (77.9%), INCJ, Ltd. (15.1%) and First Eastern Aviation Holdings Limited (7.0%).

Source: Peach Aviation Limited


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