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Oman Air Launches Revamped Sinbad Loyalty Program With Simplified Spend-Based Mileage Accrual

Oman Air has relaunched their Sinbad Loyalty Program with a simplified spend-based mileage accrual. Sinbad members can now earn Sinbad miles based on spend and tiers will be calculated by class of travel and flight zones.

Oman Air Unveils Revamped Sinbad Loyalty Program - Courtesy Oman Air

On Monday (October 11, 2021), Oman Air, the national airline of the Sultanate of Oman, announced the relaunch of their revamped Sinbad Loyalty Program, replacing distance-based mileage accrual with spend-based miles accrual. The overhaul simplifies the way members earn Sinbad miles and attain Sinbad tiers. The new program officially rolled out on October 8, 2021, allowing members to earn four, five or six miles per USD spent, for their current Blue, Silver or Gold tier level. Members can also earn additional miles on prepaid baggage, seat assignment, lounge access, and a suite of Primeclass add-ons like arrival/departure meet & greet services, customs and security fast track and more.

In Monday’s announcement, Oman Air’s CEO, Eng. Abdulaziz Al Raisi, said,

“Our revamped Sindbad loyalty program answers current traveller requirements with a more generous accrual model and can scale to meet future needs and evolving loyalty technologies. Oman Air has always prioritized innovative products and services for our members, and we are proud to be the first national airline in the region to offer a spend-based loyalty program.”

Also commenting on the revamped loyalty program, Oman Air’s Vice President of Marketing, Abdulaziz Al Rashdi, said,

“Adding a revenue component to the Sindbad program ensures that our most valued customers enjoy a more realistic mileage earing experience and the best program benefits. No matter when you book, what class you pay for, what add-ons you purchase, or how many miles you fly, Sindbad simply rewards you based on the amount you spend. Now your travel with Oman Air counts more than ever.”

The changes also include simplifies the way members attain their Sinbad tiers, making it easier to reach Sinbad Silver and Sinbad Gold status. Instead of Tier miles or tier sectors, members will now earn Tier points based on class of travel and four flight zones, with destinations in each zone having a fixed Tier point value. Members can qualify for Sinbad Silver with 500 Tier points and Sinbad Gold status with 1,100 Tier points. Additionally, members are entitled to a bonus of 100 Tier points per USD $1,000 of accumulated flight spend. There is no change to the number of miles required for Reward tickets, upgrades or add-ons.

Source: Oman Air


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