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Nolinor Aviation Raises Starting Salary for Flight Attendants to CAD $45,000

Marking International Flight Attendant Day today (May 31st), Nolinor Aviation announced that they will increase their starting salary for cabin crew to CAD $45,000 for the first year and CAD $50,000 for the second year.

Nolinor Boeing 737-300 - Courtesy Nolinor Aviation

On Tuesday (May 31, 2022), Nolinor announced that in celebration of International Flight Attendant Day they will raise the starting salary for cabin crew members to CAD $45,000 for the first year and CAD $50,000 for the second year. The airline’s flight attendants also enjoy a range of other attractive benefits including insurance, a group pension plan and access to a profit-sharing program, among others. The increased compensation will also apply to around 30 cabin crew members who will start in the next few days.

In Tuesday’s announcment, Nolinor Aviation’s President, Marco Prud’homme, said,

“To offer a “high love” level in-flight service, we must ensure that we have conditions that allow us to keep our best staff, and this, in the face of the labor shortage that is affecting our industry. Our operations being more and more diversified and our needs growing, we had to be creative in order to reflect this reality.”

Also commenting on the increased starting salary for flight attendants, Nolinor Aviation’s Vice President – Human Resources, Andrée-Anne Lauzon, said,

“The labor shortage is a complex problem and there are many ways to tackle it. We have given ourselves a clear mandate to review all of our working conditions in order to position ourselves as a leader and demonstrate that we are a destination of choice for candidates. Our employees are the reason for our current successes and we understand that it is thanks to them that we will continue to win the hearts of travellers. We have therefore reviewed the compensation of our flight attendants based on the challenges they face, but also based on the importance of their role within our structure, while keeping in mind the principle of internal equity. Our entry level salary is now among the highest in the Montreal region and employees can expect very rapid progression.”

Nolinor’s paid flight attendant training program lasts about five to six weeks and candidates do not require a high school or college diploma. Applicants must however be bilingual (French and English) so the carrier can offer their guests the highest quality of service. Over the next few weeks, Nolinor will be starting another flight attendant training program. Interested candidates can click here to apply. Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is Canada’s largest airline offering specialized commercial charter flights. The company’s OWG division was founded in 2020 and offers scheduled service to select Caribbean destinations. Nolinor operates an all-Boeing fleet of Boeing 737-200s, 737-300s, 737-400s and 737-800s.

Source: Nolinor Aviation


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