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Nolinor Adds Boeing 737-200 to Meet Growing Demand in Northern Canada

Nolinor has added a Boeing 737-200 to their fleet in response to growing demand in the north and the need of an aircraft capable of operating on gravel runways, especially in light of the recent boom in mining activities in Nunavut.

Nolinor Boeing 737-200 - Courtesy Nolinor Aviation

On Monday (February 12, 2024), Nolinor announced the addition of a Boeing 737-200 to their fleet. This is in response to growing demand in the Canadian North, especially the boom of mining activities in Nunavut, and the need for aircraft capable of operating on gravel runways.  The added 737-200 represents a $3.0 million investment for the company, and the aircraft underwent extensive mechanical renovations over the last seven months.  Boeing’s 737-200 is the only derivative certified for gravel runway operations.

In Monday’s fleet announcement, Boeing Canada’s President, Charles Sullivan, said,

“The 737 family is perfectly equipped to operate across Canada, enabling Nolinor to transport passengers and provide essential services to remote northern regions.  With the support of Boeing’s global customer service team, we will continue to support the 737-200 for the life of the fleet.”

Also commenting on the fleet expansion, Nolinor Aviation’s President, Marco Prud'Homme, added,

“The consensus among aviation experts is clear – the 737-200 remains the optimal choice for serving challenging northern regions.  During the pandemic, we strategically adjusted the size of our fleet, but are now returning to our previous capacity. This reintegration is a testament to our commitment to the North and our confidence in the capabilities of the 737-200.  With Boeing's continued support, we anticipate a long and sustainable operational future for this aircraft, spanning several decades.”

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is Canada’s largest airline offering specialized commercial charter flights.  The company’s OWG division was founded in 2020 and offers scheduled service to select Caribbean destinations.  Nolinor operates an all-Boeing fleet of Boeing 737-200s, 737-300s, 737-400s and 737-800s. 


Source: Nolinor Aviation


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