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Luxair Unveils New 60th Anniversary Edition Livery Designed by Artist Marco Weiten

Luxair has today unveiled a new bespoke aircraft livery designed by Luxembourgish artist Marco Weiten. The livery features the Roude Léiw, the undisputable symbol of Luxembourg in a mix of vibrant colors, celebrating the airline’s 60 years of service.

Luxair's Special 60th Anniversary Boeing 737-800 Livery Designed by Artist Marco Weiten - Courtesy Luxair

On Wednesday (June 29, 2022), Luxair announced the unveiling of a new special livery designed by Luxembourgish Artist Marco Weiten. The bespoke colorful livery features the Roude Léiw, the indisputable symbol of Luxembourg, which rises from the ashes like a phoenix, celebrating the carrier’s 60th year of service. Last February, Luxair launched an appeal to artists from Luxembourg and the Greater Region to imagine their next special livery, and the wait is now over with the unveiling of 'Flying is an Art' Anniversary Edition. The 737-800, registration LX-LGV, adorned in Marco Weiten’s design symbolizes the rebirth, promise and future of Luxair. The aircraft took off for the first time today (June 29th) with service to Tenerife.

In Wednesday’s announcement, Artist Marco Weiten said,

“60 years of Luxair, flight, history, power, energy and skill, serenity and the desire to give the best. Let's celebrate 60 years together with this lively design. Luxair's colors symbolically run through the different decades and unite in a strong Luxembourg symbol, the red lion. It represents a Luxembourg tradition, but here it rises from its ashes like a phoenix and all the colors converge in it, the dawn of a fantastic future. All together we are a positive sign of respect, competence, teaching and practice. At 60 years, Luxair is just beginning to fly... the future is now.”

Also commenting on the new livery reveal, Luxair’s CEO, Gilles Feith, said,

“This year is placed under the sign of the 60th anniversary of the first Luxair flight and I am delighted to be able to celebrate it with such a work signed by Marco. His realistic and colorful art convinced us and I am confident that it will be the same for all the people who will see this plane, in Luxembourg but also through all the other destinations to which it will fly. On this livery, the strongest symbol of Luxembourg (Roude Léiw) turns into a phoenix, perfectly symbolizing Luxair's hoped-for path for the future. I think the goal of this contest, which is to share a positive message that will touch the hearts of as many people as possible, has been successfully achieved.”

The new livery is the third edition of Luxair’s 'Flying is Art' livery program. A pre-selection of submissions was carried out by Luxair staff members in April with 11 designs making the cut. In May, Marco Weiten was selected as the winner by a professional jury of artists, art experts and Luxair management. For more information about Marco Weiten, please click here.

Luxair Unveils New Special 60th Anniversary Livery by Artist Marco Weiten - Courtesy Luxair

Founded in 1961, Luxair is a key player and major employer in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The carrier serves most of Europe’s largest cities, business centers and international hubs. Through their tour operating division, Luxair offers a wide range of package deals and thematic holidays. Luxair is the sole airport service provider at Luxembourg Airport, handling passenger assistance and all tasks related to the efficient servicing of landed aircraft. Luxair’s catering division prepares appetizing inflight meals and loading them on-time and in the freshest condition. The airline’s freight division operates one of the largest freight distribution centers in Europe

See Marco Weiten and the Team at Luxair Bring the New Livery to Life - Courtesy Luxair

Source: Luxair


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